Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mega Man 11 Impressions From Game Informer (with Capcom's Tim Turi)

The Game Informer Show podcast sat down to chat up all things Mega Man 11 with Capcom US's Tim Turi. The gang talk about their general impressions of the game, how the "Gear System" works, the greater emphasis placed on Robot Master weapons, and oodles more. You won't find any new info here but it's a nice sit-down with some cool peeps who are among the few to play Mega Man 11 first.

We're anticipating more Mega Man 11 details next week when E3 kicks off on June 12th. I will not be in attendance this year but I will have a couple eyes on the ground. Hang tight – it's almost time!

Source: Game Informer


  1. It amazes me that Game Informer continued to prosper. I remember growing up and reading those little 50-page magazines for tips on Parappa the Rapper and Battle Arena Toshinden 2… Their magazine was always so cozy! Nowadays, they seem to be the only publication that's, er, still in publication! It's really amazing.

    Anyway, my point is that, if there's anyone whose word I'll take on games, it's definitely GI's, so it's nice to hear that they think the game is doing good! It's also really nice to hear that the Double Gear system isn't entirely mandatory, too. I was really worried about that…

  2. I think one really important tidbit coming out of this video was the comment that the Double Gear system isn't going to be forced upon us. Whether it's platforming sections that can be beaten without it or a difficulty setting that doesn't include it, the devs seem to be giving us multiple ways to tackle the game and challenge ourselves, one of the core aspects of MM. Big thumbs-up to them for not losing sight of that!


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