Thursday, June 7, 2018

New Mega Man 11 and 30th Anniversary Goods Revealed

Funko Pops aren't your thing? How about some cute, officially-licensed Mega Man 11 stickers? These little guys and more miscellaneous goods are coming your way later this summer!

By way of Ami Ami, here's a bounty of brand-new Mega Man 11 and 30th anniversary commemorative goods coming out between August and September...

B-Side Label Sticker: Mega Man
B-Side Label Sticker: Block Man Weapon Change
B-Side Label Sticker: Roll
B-Side Label Sticker: JAPAN

Mega Man Metal Keychain
Ultimate Armor X Metal Keychain

Anniversary Bandana
Anniversary Backpack 

Mega Man 11 visual t-shirt


  1. "Funko Pops aren't your thing?"
    It's like you knew! Nyeh heh~

    I might have to look into those stickers. Those are pretty cool! That T-shirt, too! Heck, it's all really good stuff!

  2. I am still waiting for that 4 inch nel for the megaman 11 design.

  3. What a piece of junks. *SHAKE MY HEAD*

  4. I'm kinda underwhelmed to be honest, the Megaman 11 shirt is nice though.

    1. Agreed MM11 t-shirt is the most appealing item.

    2. Not for me. I would love this for the poster as a collection. A tshirt ? Looks weird and it is good for kids walking outside. :)

    3. I don't mind video game, anime, comic book etc designed shirts they are cool, I would prefer a poster though but what are you gonna do? It is not available.

    4. Dude, that ultimate armor helmet metal keychain!

  5. Still waiting for Bass Kotobukiya Plastic Model Kit


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