Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two More Rockman Titles Hitting Japan Virtual Console Next Week

Nintendo are churning out two more Rockman Virtual Console titles next week in Japan. On October 9th, Rockman X2 hits the Wii U (800 Yen) followed by Rockman World 3 on Nintendo 3DS (400 Yen).

Still no word when these titles will arrive on our digital shores. Rest assured, they are coming. We'll keep an ear to the ground!

Thanks, Jimb0!


  1. Part of me is kinda wishing that X3, MM6 and 7 see the light of day for Wii Shop before they pop up on eShop....but the odds of that are so low. NES emuation on the U isn't too good as the volume is extremely low, while VC emulation was spot on. What happened there?


    1. That wasn't the case with my TV, though. Emulation for both NES and SNES games were equally low, and I always have to turn the volume up.

      Speaking of Rockman World 3, it really doesn't make any damned sense as to why they're taking so long to release that and the rest of the Game Boy titles in the U.S. That announcement was made over two months ago. What's keeping them?

    2. That's the Virtual Console for you. I remember Wario Land came out in Japan on the Virtual Console in December 2011 and we didn't get it in the U.S. until July of 2012.

  2. Lemme know when they get to the GBA games.

  3. The actual MegaMan news seems so underwhelming, compared to everything related to Might No.9...

  4. @Crazy Monkey

    It's fine on my TV, it just has to do when recording, which I discovered the sound issue during recording tests. SNES games seem to be fine though.

  5. MegaMan/Rockman 25th Anniversary:

    The Year of overpriced Merchandise, Music CDs that no one wants, and Virtual Console releases that would have happened regardless of the anniversary.


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