Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is the Rockman X Sound Box

Famitsu has gotten a hold of the first image of the upcoming "Rockman X Sound Box", which houses 450 tracks of X series music on 12 discs. What's more, the set will include a booklet of liner notes from numerous Rockman contributors, such as Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Hitoshi Ariga, Ucchy san, Shin'ya Okada, and more. Special commemorative artwork from Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto will also be included.

Rockman X Sound Box is due in Japan on December 18th for 12,600 Yen (roughly $129 US).

Thanks for the tip, Terry!


  1. While it's a nice enough looking item, I can't justify the $129 price. Frankly, I never found the music from the Megaman X games all that good... or should I say memorable, save for the first two or three games. After the series jumped to CD-based platforms. I can't recall a single track that I go out of my way to listen to.

    1. I agree with the exception of like 2 or 3 songs from X5/X6.

  2. No thanks, Capcom! You are wasting my time!

    This box is a nice looking item and it would be great to have all the games in this one and next one: Megaman 11 as a new game or new Megaman game but Capcom didnt do that then Capcom is out. No thanks!

  3. Re-releasing old music in probably worse quality. Whoopty doo.

    If it doesn't at least have a decent sounding remaster of the entire MHX soundtrack, then to hell with it.

  4. I actually probably would buy this, but for that price tag I have to admit I'll be damn disappointed if the sound quality isn't top-notch. It also sucks having those liner notes and not being able to actually read Japanese...

    Not really holding my breath for localization, either, given the history of Mega Man soundtracks.

  5. The only thing about it that interests me is the new art included in it. Not that it justifies a purchase though.

  6. I like the Mega Man X series as much as the next guy, but there are far more worthwhile things to spend a hundred plus dollars on.

  7. So expensive...seriously , too bad : (

  8. Jeez you guys, the X series has some seriously great music and we're talkin' 12 discs, that's like $10 a disc.

    It's on my list, that's for sure.

  9. wow you people suck, X series not so great music? GTH out'a here. Just say your cheap and/or poor, no one will blame you.


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