Friday, October 11, 2013

Xover Gets ZX World, Zero Armor and More in Latest Update

Another Rockman Xover update is upon us, and this time users can dive in to World 10 -- a Mega Man ZX inspired world. Of course, what's a new world without a new armor? World 10 is accompanied by OVER-Z, a special Zero themed armor. Looks pretty slick, wouldn't you say?

Hit up The Mega Man Network for more images and details.


  1. Oh god I still want this game orz.

  2. I was hooked playing this game back then, when android version was released, but honestly... meh, it was more addictive than entertaining, like candy crush and that crap. As soon as I had to stop playing it, I never gave it a try a again.

  3. Huh. The fur actually makes sense this time.

    I...huh. Good job, I guess.

  4. Sweeeeeet. Another melee-range armor.

    You know, this awesome artwork almost makes me forget that the game is horribly simplistic and ultimately a boring grindfest. T_T

  5. Quotes from TMMN comments:

    Francis: "The **** is that thing between the ProtoMan armor and the new one?"

    The Creature Keeper: "Over-Derp?"

    Clucking Chicken: "I think maybe it's supposed to be a bad boxart armor or something."

    Michael Nguyen: "Looks like "ForOVER-Alone.""

    lol. Makes me wonder what people would say of Megapin in Mega Man Universe.

    For those who want to know, that's Yoshida, the main character from よしだ飼育キット, a Japan-only game.

  6. Hey that's pretty coo-nope. Feather boa.


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