Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Mighty No. 9 Goals Reached: Call Stage & Boss + Chiptune Soundtrack/FX

Good news, everyone. With a little nudge from PayPal, we've managed to knock down another stretch goal. Coming in at $3,700,000, it's an exclusive stage and boss for Call, Beck's plucky partner. But wait! That's not all! The optional chipute soundtrack and effects have also been reached at $3,800,00!

Now all that's left to conquer in these final hours is the online battle race mode at $4,000,000 and at least one more mystery stretch goal. We'll keep an ear open!

If you want to get in on this, donate directly through Kickstarter or PayPal. Time is short!


  1. I'm counting down with the time & am going to donate towards the end of its run. Probably in the last 10 min ^__^ Figured that may give me one of the last "Mighty Numbers" if that's how it works anyways.

    1. Actually, you'll get a lower number, so you might be Mighty Number 1!

  2. Wait... are we seriously gonna hit /every/ stretch goal?! Way to go!

  3. Just wow and take this Capcom!

  4. They should expose the (probably) last stretch goal to push the donations forward.


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