Thursday, October 17, 2013

Questions Wanted for Keiji Inafune Interview

"Get Me Off The Moon" admin Rashed Mokdad will be interviewing Keiji Inafune at the IGN Convention in Bahrain tomorrow, October 18. Inafune is currently attending the convention to promote two of his upcoming games, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and Mighty No. 9. The interview will be mainly focused on Mighty No. 9, but there will also be a bit of Mega Man Legends talk, as well. Furthermore, Rashed is taking questions from fellow fans for this interview. Fans may submit their questions via the comments of the above YouTube video or the GMOTM post here.

In addition, Rashed will also be handing over a special gift to Inafune, which showcases an abundance of Legends 3 fan-artwork from Bahrain, as well as a couple contest ideas from the Devroom! Pictures of the interview will be posted on the Get Me Off The Moon Facebook page, so stay tuned!


  1. I don't see the point in asking Inafune questions about Legends, specifically Legends 3 if that's the intention. The man can't answer everything, and he's already tried to offer Comcept's help before. And obviously Mighty No 9 is his main focus now.

    But hey, at least it'll mostly be about Mighty No 9, so there's that.

  2. Given that you're no longer involved with Capcom, can you give us a basic plot outline of the now-scrapped Legends 3? How was that game going to end?

  3. @ Gauntlet101010:

    "Given that you're no longer involved with Capcom..." That is the exact reason why he cannot answer your question.

    1. Hey, you never know. This is about the only thing I wanna ask him anyway.

    2. Don't get your hopes up. He's said before he can't answer questions about his time at Capcom or specifics about their projects or why Legends 3 was cancelled. Standard non-disclosure agreement stuff.

    3. No, I don't really expect anything. But it really is the only thing I'd care to ask him about. He's no longer involved with MM, so what else is there to ask that hasn't been asked a million times before? There really isn't anything I can think of. About the only things I can even think of asking is how he'd end the unfinished series - and primarily Legends. Not even Legends 3, although that'd touch on it, but where he saw the series going as a whole before it was canned (twice). Who would Volnutt wind up with - Tron or Roll? ZX is another I suppose I could wonder about, but I was never too into that one.

      I dunno if nondisclosures really factor in if we're asking him how HE'D end it. You know, without anyone else telling him what to do, without factoring in sales or marketing, and if he was still involved with MM (which he isn't). Maybe he can't talk about the end of Legends 3 or ZX2 specifically. But I do think he could talk about his own personal opinion on where he would end the series and where he would have gone with it were he still in charge. Since he isn't in charge he really wouldn't be revealing anything at all about Capcom's own plans (which they don't seem to have anyway).

      Of course, his new baby is Mighty no 9. I doubt he'd really be interested in chatting about MM. But, until I actually play No 9 I can't say I have much to ask in regards to it. Everything's out there already and the inspiration behind it is really obvious.

  4. I hope the people who keep talking about Legends 3 never stop.

    Like the 24-year-old who still believes in Santa Claus, they always make me laugh.


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