Monday, October 24, 2011

Mega Man Fangames at the NCFC

The Nintendo Community Fangame Convention is an annual online event for fangame developers to demonstrate projects currently in development. This year, Mega Man fans will have the opportunity to play no less than three games:
Simply click on the above links and you'll be taken to each game's respective "booth", a hub showcasing information, media, and download links for demos. All games on display are eligible to win a exclusive prizes, determined by user votes (via "Likes"). Not sure what the first place prize is, but it's still nice to see some fan effort towards Mega Man.

Players and developers are also encouraged to offer game feedback in the forums, participate in workshops, or just sit back and watch others play. All in all, it's an event for gamers by gamers and everyone's invited.

Best of luck to the Mega Man lot! Give 'em a spin in your spare time.


  1. it's a sad day that the fan game scene turns out better than the official game scene. oh well. fan game is better than no game at all... actualy, fan game better than MOST OF THE RECENT STUFF THEY'VE PUT OUT!

    thanks for posting this stuff Pdude. i kinda collect these. now if i could just get my hands on Mega Man Rocks and Mega Man Paradise.

  2. Not bad, but there are too many other superior fan projects for me to be excited about! I'm still really looking forward to MEGA PHIL X's project and, of course, MEGA MAN X: CORRUPTED.

    Also, I hear whispers that the team that did RM7 and RM8 in 8-bit are going to do Rockman & Forte, and that would be great!

  3. Citrus Cult is amazing.

  4. Chrono X is amazingly accurate to the rest of the BN series. Astounding fan work, really.

  5. And Chrono X wins by a landslide. I don't mean to brag, but with a high-quality logo like that, it's no wonder the project is going great. They deserve it.


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