Sunday, October 23, 2011

Detailed Look At D-Arts X “Comic Version”

A handful of new images has surfaced for Bandai's forthcoming Rockman X "Comic Version" D-Arts. Bloodied and battered, this is one figure you don't want to miss...

A fine representation of Yoshihiro Iwamoto’s Rockman X design if there ever was one, Bandai has done a remarkable job at capturing the brutality exhibited in the source material. And I want it!

For the time being, the figure is exclusive to Japan, due to be distributed at Bandai's Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara this November. From the looks of it, accessories include interchangeable face plates, battle damaged X-Buster with optional shot effects, and an assortment of different hands. The body, itself, boasts a fresh coat of paint meant to capture the essence of Iwamoto’s interpretation of the character.

The figure will fetch for 3500 yen or roughly $45.98. Importing shouldn't be a problem, but since it's being touted as an event-exclusive, supply on the secondhand market might be low. I haven't had the time to speak with our Bandai guy in terms of localization yet; will be getting on that ASAP. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wasn't interested before. I am now though.

  2. muito legal essa figura de ação,bem detalhado, por favor entrem no meu blog

  3. Meh...

    Somehow still not interesting to me... Maybe, cause of it's busted up X Buster. Other than that, not much for the faces. Anyone can take some red paint or so color and detail up the screaming face of the regular D-Arts X. Though this one has a eye closed but still could be basically the same.

  4. Ok, this is probably the first X toy I've seen that offers him bleeding OR crying.

    X, Now with bodily fluids! Let's hope he's clean, kids.

  5. Ok, this looks pretty damn cool. I love the battle-damaged buster part. It's too bad there isn't an extra battle-damaged part for the helmet.

    @Tom dude, that's gross...

  6. Still looks kind of bad.

    Comparing it to the standard versions, it just seems like a less-polished and less painted figure. Only with a higher price.

    Think I'll stick to my Full Armor version.

  7. oh whoah!! cool... the buster is like a let down... >:( wished theres another one....

  8. It lost me as soon as the blood came into it.


    Well first off, he's a robot. And fluids(oil, etc) were never really seen in the X series when Zero and X got their asses owned by Sigma.

    Second... I've never been a fan of blood in Megaman in general. Not only does it not really fit it, but also it goes against what Keiji thought of about the series. The only exception really is the Zero series cus that was waaay darker than X.

    Lastly, although the blood somewhat ties into this, the darker/lighter shades of blue remind me of the original Megaman, whom had somedarker arms and boots than X. And that one was the definite no no for blood.

    I think they truly screwed up with this figure.

  9. @Anon 6,
    Actually there is blood albeit only a tiny bit in the original X1 (trickling out of Zero's mouth as he's dying.) and a hell of a lot of it in X4 (Zero covered in it surrounded by mangled reploids, Double bifurcating several hunters.)
    Inafune intended the X series to be darker and more "hardcore" than the classic series. Beyond that, the manga was very bloody. I understand the figure not being your cup of tea though.

  10. Hey Anon.

    You've... played X4... right?

  11. Ah wook, he's cwying.

    What's with the blue hands?

  12. "but also it goes against what Keiji thought of about the series."[citation needed]

  13. @everyone:

    Iwamoto was big on violence. Get over it.

  14. Make me kinda want it. But I'm good with my regular X. =3

  15. This figure with the blood/oil is not necessary on my part. But does add some edge to it. But only a busted up buster as battle damaged makes no sense. Well maybe you can take off a leg or arm to simulate that it's been blown off or destroyed. But I say they could of added a broken arm but with wires dangling or for the leg as well. Bullet scars on his chest or legs. Which how is he bleeding from his head while his helmet is ok?
    But they should of added more wear/damage to him

  16. Seems weird to not give the OPTION for a regular buster, just X with the battle damaged buster. seems weird. why not just make a battle damaged X for us to interchange parts with this and the other X's?

  17. Holy crap, this is X-gasmic!!!

  18. Wow. Glad I preorded this.

    For the complainers: X's battles are pretty brutal in the manga and he ends up bloodied alot.
    Also, the Mavericks will always try to disarm him first, which means trying to break his buster. So, most battles his buster is in shambles.

    Also, he's the only reploid who can cry. Zero even socks him once over it in jealousy.

    This shows Bandai's attention to detail in Iwamoto-san's story and they deserve a pat on the back.

    The accessories and design are appropriate for this figure

  19. THANK YOU, Tabby. GORRAM.

  20. I also remember X;s shots sometimes being too powerful for the buster itself, leading to the thing fucking itself over.


  21. Omg, it's eguchi on rockman unity? Who show us the figure ^^

    He is funny °O° "ooooh, a new megaman figure!"

  22. lol Ucchy. In the end he is teasing a non-X figure from Bandai?

  23. /\ Looks like that. Must be someone with a shoulder cannon.

    By the way, when this gigantic version will be released?



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