Monday, October 24, 2011

Tamashii Nations Teasing Vile D-Arts?

The prophecy laid out in Capcom's "Most Desired Figure" vote continues. With two of the top three characters already turned into figures (Zero and Full Armor X), the prospect of a Vile figure seems like a given. Nothing has come to fruition yet, but that may change soon enough.

Tamashii Nations tweeted the above message only minutes ago; the key portion being "BTW, who likes shoulder cannons?"

Well, none of Tamashii's current Mega Man D-Arts sport "shoulder cannons." Looking at the prophetic figure vote, it's not difficult to connect two-and-two together: we're looking at, quite possibly, a legitimate D-Arts Vile teaser. Mind you, Vile only has a single shoulder cannon, but I get what they're trying to infer.

I'll certainly be keeping tabs on this. The demand for a Vile figure is there; only a matter of time before it's realized. Thanks for the tip, Lana!


  1. "Ya killin' me, Smalls!"
    I just can't wait for Zero Ver. 2 - the suspense is maddening!

    But I do appreciate the Vile figure. Very rare that a Megaman series villain doesn't achieve fame unless they're a flat-out rival (or the main big bad). Yes, Vile was the 'rival' to X and Zero at first, but only in a sort of conjunctive manner with Sigma, making it a 2 vs. 2 (especially when you consider the time of Zero's and Vile's first deaths). But Vile has very much become sort of his own entity, his own operation, letting whatever big bad do all the dirty work of reviving him and weaponizing him to their own content, then ramping it up from there. He has his own plan, does his own thing, and yet isn't a clear 'rival' to any one particular character, X or Zero. Vile was bent on proving his superiority to X, but not for the same motivations as Sigma.

    Include a Maverick face for Zero! Use that creepy X4 cutscene grin.

  2. Napalm Man figure! (Or a X figure based on that unused beta Mega Man X: Command Mission picture.) XD

    Vile? Who is that? The mad doctor from the Zero series? (Kidding, I know Vile/VAVA. If true it will most likely be the 1st version to match with X & Zero.)

  3. Darn it...
    I was crossing my fingers for a Sigma..
    I want a Sigma figure so badly.

  4. Vile?! YES! FINALLY!

  5. Vile??? Finally!!! A bad guy!!! Not a good guy!!! Sounds great to me, but they better have fixed these flaws of the other Megaman/Rockman D-Arts I've been hearing about.
    But I was wondering, what interchangable will Vile come with?????? Maybe one with a dot highlight showing his eye, but what then? The eye is going to be looking to his far right or left? I wonder...

  6. Like shoulder canons?But of course

  7. Ugh, come ON. Enough with figures we've already had before. Where's Sigma?! Where's the X2 armor?

  8. @ evryone excited for vile figure :P

    um... he doesn't even have a face... what the heck makes him so cool? what, the shulder canon? big EF'ing deal. and he PURPLE. ew.

    X has ARM CANNON. so does Zero. they are cooler and kick vile ass any day. no way I going to by some purple no-face guy. i stick to heroes with faces kthx

  9. @anon Cry some more and you will have a cookie bro

  10. Well they wouldn't say "Who likes shoulder cannon?".

    (Even though that would technically be grammatically correct for the plural)

  11. Whats so cool about Vile you say anon? I dunno, could be his psycho personality, or it could be the arsenal of weaponry he has. Knee-cap bombs, vulcans in his wrists, the shoulder cannon, rockets somehow in his arms, the ride armor.

    Or it could be, you know, the helmet. Personally for me, its always been Vile's look and personality that got me. And as a gundam fan, shoulder cannons are my favorite weapons.

  12. Out of curiosity, how many votes did Iris get, anyway?

  13. Make it and I will buy 10 of them. I LOVE VILE!

  14. Yay Vile! I hope they release a Ride Armor (with Armor Soldier?) after him.

    @Anon that said "what interchangable will Vile come with?"

    Besides the eye you mentioned, he can have two different head parts, one with the Sigma mark from MMX and other with a "V" from Maverick Hunter X. And some of his MHX arsenal! :P

  15. @VileMKII

    Being psycho and a F-load of weapons? plz. while the heroes may have less weapons, they have HEARTS too. that why i admire them more and are deserving of having figures made. more people like good guys. :)

    who likes psychos? psychos.

  16. ^^Did you just stereotype the whole fanbase bro

    What a moronic thing to do

    "Who likes Iris?.Girls duh"

    "Who likes Sigma.Terrorists of course"

    "Who likes Dynamo.God damn hippies"

    Most of the Fanbase like You don't?Then why even post here bro?

  17. Anon 6/11: I get that some people don't like Vile (not too crazy about him myself), but do you really have to diss other people's taste like that? With shitty arguments to boot?

  18. @ all of you people hating on Vile

    Dude it's Vile, get over yourselves. It's Vile, a former Maverick Hunter, a traitor, a killer to reploids and humans, a threat to X and Zero. He's a badass, a actual bad guy we might get and not just another good guy.
    Personally I'm glad Vile might be made into a figure (other than the old Mega Armor series and mini figures and such) because it was getting old with all these good guys while all other vintage old and new toy lines, have good guys and bad guys like Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Dragon Ball, Gundam, Transformers, and on and on and on and on. They all had/have good guys and bad guys, except the D-Arts Rockman line. Heck, even the stupid figures from Jazwares had bad guys in their line, why not D-Arts????? I swear if Vile or Sigma or any bad guy doesn't come out, then other then all the flaws and errors the D-Arts Rockman line has, it'll suck even more.

    To all of you only wanting only good guys... the hero doesn't win all the time.


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