Thursday, October 20, 2011

In-Depth Look At Kotobukiya Zero

Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale Zero series Zero model kit blasted its way onto Japanese store shelves a couple days ago, and as per usual, fans were quick to snap some photos of the completed figure. GG Infinite has the lowdown...

 More photos available here , here, and here!

From the looks of it, Kotobukiya has once again produced a fine kit, with some spiffy box art to boot! Evidently, the box art indicates this is the last Rockman kit from Kotobukiya for the time being. The space traditionally used to advertise upcoming kits is non-existent this time. But don't let that discourage you: Blues, the previous kit didn't promote the then-unannounced Zero. For all we know, a new kit is on the burner.

There's little doubt in my mind Kotobukiya won't pursue future projects. These plastic heroes are a global hit, after all. I, personally, am still holding out for a Forte model. He'd make an excellent bookend to the classic series line... although I wouldn't mind something a little obscure either. Auto, anyone?


  1. Looks pretty cool, but goddamn, you really need to do a lot of additional painting in order for it to look awesome unlike the Rockman and Blues Kotobukiya figures where you didn't really need to do a lot of additional painting.

  2. I can't wait to get a job and blow my money on a bunch of these and the classic Zero figures just so I can mod them into my own characters XD

  3. I second the Auto idea. He would be an awesome model to have. Able to pose him in his trademark pose. He could come with his little buster add-on, his special bolt and his spiffy asian fan! =D

    (maybe a rocket launcher too =P)


  5. Seems to be more of an indication of no further kids in the Mega Man Zero line than anything else.

    Maybe Legends next? *puppy dog eyes*

  6. ^
    ..okay. Care to actually provide some meat to that verdict?

  7. I'm not much of a fan of Zero.

    Though it would be nice if Leviathan was made into a figure.

    Personally, I'd prefer if someone besides Kotobukiya did it, mainly because I kind of hate doing model kits and painting. Mostly the painting. I'm always afraid I might paint it wrong and ruin the whole thing, making that $30-50 I spent towards the figure go down the drain for nothing. XD

  8. Not bad...

    Still waiting on an Iris model, though.

  9. Kind of odd that there's more bits needing to be painted here, but it doesn't bug me. Definitely gonna try and acquire this kit at some point.

    As for future kits--I'd love to see a Trigger kit, or one of the ZX models/characters (Aile or Thetis would be awesome); maybe even RS-MM, but I think licensing would get in the way of that (since Ruby-Spears kinda no longer exists, I think).

  10. @5th Anonymous, that wants meat to the verdict...

    From what I see its lame cause you still have to paint the hands, chest, neck, and Buster Gun. Very lack of weapons. His eyes look hypnotized up close. And he still has a big head!!!!!!!
    Some say that he was sculpted/copied after Atelier-Sai's Zero, but Atelier-Sai's Zero beats Kotobukiya's Zero in my opinion.

  11. I realized its going to suck having the hands painted cause its bound to rub off or chip off since those are the parts you'll be touching the most often. Despite sealing them too. Plus you'll be putting the Buster Gun's handle that has been painted, and Zero's hand that has been painted too. Its bound to rub off. Very stupid move on Kotobukiya's part. But thats what you get for mass produced too.

  12. Protodude is right we need a Forte and Treble figures ASAP!

    Oh and don't forget Wily!

  13. @Wilyman

    YES!!! I AGREE!!! TREBLE!!! Even better if they can combine together!!! As well for Rush to Megaman.

  14. Wow. I'm amazed that the head manages to stay on.

    All Zero figures have "hair issues" but with those SD-ish proportions, I can imagine the neck joints on this model would wear out rather quickly.

    I think it would be really cool if someone like Bandai made a Rush figure that could actually transform into his 3 basic modes.

  15. That head just bothers me too much. I'll probably buy it eventually, but the size of the head and minimal neck removed this from my insta-buy list.

  16. Man, that head just bothers me. It's too large and has removed this from my insta-buy list. I mean... I'll buy it most definitely, but probably not for months to years from now.

    Hope this doesn't double post. The sign in for the Google Account thing wiped my comment so I dunno if it posted and is just taking its sweet time.

  17. Glad I'm not the only one to notice he huge head, lol. Something felt wrong with the proportions right off the bat...

    Anyways, the rest of the figure looks pretty cool.


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