Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your 100,000 Strong NYCC Schedule

Comic books, movies, games... and Mega Man Legends. There's much to do and see at the New York Comic-Con, but Mega Man fans in particular will be gathering by the hundreds to publicly demonstrate Mega Man Legends 3 awareness.  It's an unprecedented event, one that can be a little overwhelming. Fret not, for Team Legends are happy to assist you survive the rigors of the impending movement with the help of a hand-dandy schedule!

The finalized NYCC schedule has been posted over at the group's FaceBook page, primed and ready to keep you on top of the impending events. Three day's worth of activities are in the works, each designed specifically to best represent the 100,000 Strong movement. It's a grand opportunity and an excellent chance to meet Mega Man fans from across the country!

Even if you cannot attend in person, there are ways to show your support from afar:

"In addition to submitting fanart, you can help in our NYCC grand finale on Sunday by writing your own personal story on how you came to learn of the Mega Man Legends 3 project announcement and how it made you feel. Check out these stories already received for a reference. If you choose to participate, please e-mail your story to Our collective stories will be bound into a book and delivered to Capcom's booth during a peaceful march by Legends supporters on the last day of the Comic Con."

Those attending the march will receive a 100,000 Strong t-shirt. If you'd like to participate, be sure to sign up at booth 2917 anytime before Sunday 1PM.

As a friendly reminder, the events are free of charge. The only thing Team Legends asks of you is to commit to attending each event in their entirety. No one's forcing you, but it's a nice gesture. If you would like to take part, you can contact the organizers at

I regretfully cannot make the trip to NYCC, but I send you all my best regards.  I'm exceptionally proud of everyone. Wishing you all the best! You guys rock.


  1. IT'S TIME!
    The hour has come tonight~
    My power will bring the light of a new dawn~
    It's time to drop the bomb!

  2. The perfect music for this post:

  3. Damn, with support like this Capcom is crazy NOT to restart Legends 3. They're practically doing the advertisement for them, and at COMIC CON no less.

  4. I'll join the Megaman Universe March. When does it start?

  5. I wish i could be there :(

    BTW, the music for this event should be this instead:

  6. You can damn well expect a Luigi-in-glasses to be at that march, is all I can say.

  7. You're doing it wrong.

    Seriously. Remember ZXA? Capcom said they'd only make a sequel if it sold like 100 000+ units. Now think about it. Legends 3 literally has to make everything from scratch. Meaning it's costs are DEFINITELY going to be higher than ZXA.

    Get that group larger. Do not settle for 100 000. We need more, ALOT more. Try and get a japanese group going and merge them together. YOU NEED WAY MORE THAN 100 000!


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