Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Internal Mega Man Documents Revealed

Now this is an incredible find. Famed Digitpress member Buyatari has shared a wealth of unseen Mega Man documents and assets from the early to mid nineties. The documents span across a number of content, including alternate box artwork, character concepts, model sheets, design notes, and even a peek at a canceled Mega Man 2 toyline.

The amount of recovered artifacts is truly incredible.  There's all sorts of neat goodies to be had at the source link, but everyone's gonna be wondering about that "Mega Man X Soccer" sheet in particular. Are we looking at a cancelled game, or a mere misuse of X's likeness? Definitely something to ponder on.

A treasure trove of Mega Man history awaits you at the above link!


  1. Nice! Aeons ago there was an ebay seller called hypercoyote that would sell this sort of stuff. I should have picked up a bunch of it, but let the opportunity slide. Unfortunately most of that stuff is copies and not actual original art :/

  2. For the Soccer picture, I think it's a misuse of X as he is punching Proto Man in the face. (Ouch) Probably the X = Mega Man confusion?

  3. Lots of interesting stuff!

    Looking further in the Soccer picture, a different paper has a note saying "This is _not_ the right character to use." and there is an early MMX cover with classic Mega Man fighting Launch Octopus. And Ground Man in Mega Man Mania.

  4. My first thought was that the Mega Man 'X' Soccer was a mistake. It's pretty common for people to not get that Classic and X are separate characters, and if the guy was just hired for box/manual art, chances are he didn't know either.

    Speaking of which, it amazes me some of the American art guys can get art jobs. Their work is terrible. Absolutely terrible (see: Mega Man dances on one foot while pointing his arm at a tracing of Ground Man)

  5. If those toys ever got released, I would fall in love with them.


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