Monday, October 3, 2011

New Mega Man TV Series In Our Future?

While not a confirmation in the slightest, I thought this was a notable tidbit of interest. Recently, there's been some discussion on the Ask Capcom forums about the likelihood of a theatrical Mega Man film. With some of Capcom's biggest IPs already making the jump to the silver screen, it's only natural to wonder what might become of the Blue Bomber.

Capcom Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Christian Svensson, stepped in to field the inquiry:

"I'd think a TV format would work better myself. In any event, our licensing teams are in constant discussions with movie studios and tv production houses all over the world about such topics but nothing for me to report on that front."

Mega Man has long existed on the periphery of broadcast television in numerous iterations, relegated to weekday afternoons and Saturday morning airtime. From co-starring as a member of the N-Team in Captain N: The Game Master, to topping the ratings with the Mega Man NT Warrior, Mega Man has proven himself to be a viable TV character.  His return to airwaves would certainly be welcomed.

The characters and mythology, I feel, are better suited for a full length TV series as opposed to, say, a made-for-TV movie. Question is, if a new Mega Man show were produced, which iteration of the character(s) would you like to see make the jump? You can't go wrong with the classic series, but I wouldn't mind a Mega Man Legends serial, either. I could totally envision a 25 episode epic -- something along the lines of Nadia in terms of presentation and scale. Niiice.

A penny for your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below, or join the discussion directly at the Ask Capcom forums.


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing an anime adaption of the NT Warrior manga. I thought that had a much cooler story and presentation than the currently existing anime.

  2. Well, i´d love to see megaman x as an anime tv show in hd, with lots of blood, drama, curses and screams; with a speed metal song playing in the show, i´m dreaming too much.

  3. that would actually be rather awesome and a really great way to get people up to speed with legends. If that was one of the reasons 3 got canned maybe it is instead holding the game back? Shame it isn't really anything to official or concrete.

  4. no point posting on the capcom boards, and i'm too lazy to do so anyway, but i'd like to see the X series take the spot.

    however. let's not forget the preview for the ZX series anime... which never came to be.

  5. A Rockman Zero or Rockman X anime would be really something considering how badly Ryuusei did on the ratings =/. I wouldn't get my hopes up just yep, but lets all hope for the best :)

  6. As Much as I would LOVE to see a MegaMan X series Anime/Cartoon I think the MegaMan Zero Series would do better as a show. To me the Z series (& X series too) has a higher maturity level if you will (well as mature as MegaMan can be) than the rest of the series & would probably do good on air because of it. Also the Z series at least has a true legit ending so it wouldn't have to drag on & on for like XXX+ episodes.

  7. I think giving either Classic X, Zero, or Legends a TV show would be the best bet. Classic and Legends could be aimed at younger audiences(Legends slightly older due to the whole Juno wiping out humanity thing) while still having action, while X and Zero could be aimed at older audiences due to darker storylines and more violent enemy death animations.

    Hopefully it can reproduce the effect EXE had, however this time even bigger....

  8. Classic Series Mega Man is, of course, the most recognizable MM itineration for the gaming and general populum.

    So I'd say a mix between Wish Upon a Star's drawing style cartoon, and RubySpears's story telling minus the rad 90s vibe.

    No, seriously. Fuck westernitazion. If they're doing Classic, they need to understand how Classic is meant to be done:

    A light-hearted Japanese cartoon with a spice of heroism, an episodic story-telling with Wily as our wacky, sneaky villain, maybe a bit of humour on the sides, and, of course , teaching valuable lessons of tolerance, justice and effort.

    Using one Robot Master per episode as a plot device seems to kill the purpose of an ongoing TV series, so why not giving each Robot Master a quirky personality or a special relationship with other characters to keep them on air and not shoving them down our throats for scarce situations that require their specific abilities?

  9. wait, guys, think of this. what if, guys, what if the next show, are you listening, be Megaman Legends 3? What if the game was too damn good for its own they wanted to make an animation of it?

  10. I could see a Legends anime, but I feel that an X one would be better, with The Day of Sigma already there as a foundation to support this.


  12. "hope for the best"

    rockman volnut would like a word with you, but he can't right now because HE'S STILL ON THE @#$%&ING MOON!

    seriously, never use the word hope in the same sentence as, or in relation to capcom. it's not a word that's in their wallet's dictionary.

  13. I hate it when I have to decide hard stuff.

    I think I'd take a good adaptation of any of the series.

    One thing that frustrates me is that the EXE cartoon was so separate from the game timeline. No mention of Hub/Saito at all.

  14. I dunno, after seeing the recent Astro Boy (which was actually pretty good, if a little younger-skewed), I think a big-budget CGI Mega Man movie would be awesome!

    Don't know if that's financially wise for Capcom, though.

  15. Classic and Exe already had their show so not those. X wouldn't be too bad if it was like Day of Sigma, but the X series suffers from the Team Rocket syndrome, the villain that originally seemed dangerous but is beaten so many times he becomes almost a joke character.
    While I like the games of ZX, the whole kids transforming thing seems way too cliche.

    I'd say an anime Zero series, with the same graphical style as the original artwork. With very mature storylines about genocide, terrorism, racism, dictatorship,... And Zero with his Zero3 personality, quiet, distant, cold, arrogant, noble.

  16. If a new show were to ever be done, it'd most certainly be of Classic Megaman. Face it, when most people think of Megaman, they think of the Classic series. So the Classic series would be more appealing to an overall audience. X series is possible, but probably only if a Classic series show were to transition to it.

    But I dunno, every time I think of a Megaman TV show, I think of the god awful Ruby-Spears cartoon.

    If they're ever going to do a show, then I'd at least hope that they do something in the same vein as 2011's Thundercats, namely a series that has actual continuation and not in that Saturday morning cartoon style...

  17. I'd love to see an anime adaptation of the Ariga manga, or something similar in style to it. Still retains the essential innocence of classic Megaman, but also brings a darker edge to it.

    Failing that maybe Megaman X animated by Tatsunoko studios in a style similar to Casshern Sins. Perhaps not quite as depressing though.

  18. Honestly? I'd go with a TV series that's heavily based on Hitoshi Ariga's Megamix and Gigamix manga, as far as plot goes, but with character designs that more closely resemble Keiji Inafune's art style (don't get me wrong, I do love Ariga's art, but I wouldn't mind an animated adaptation having designs that are more faithful to the games).

    Of course, I'd want there to be some more material in this. I know Megamix kinda glossed over the stories of some of the games in favor of original stories, but I'd like those stories to be told so as to introduce the characters from them, and then still have those original stories told directly afterward. Likewise, I'd place the whole Proto Man thing from Gigamix be done before Metal Heart. And, of course, I wouldn't mind adaptation of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 (I know Ariga did a prologue for MM9, so that's a basis to start on right there).

    And, of course, most important of all, they should have Hitoshi Ariga as someone they consult for the series. This is especially important for material not in the manga.

    I'm so totally dreaming with all of this, but this would be my dream Mega Man TV show.

  19. I was going to say "classic series", but then you (Protodude) said "25-episode Legends epic", and well... I'm kind of sold on the idea! That, or something Rockman X. Just for a change of pace. It could be the next Sonic the Hedgehog "SatAM" if done right!

  20. I want an anime adaption of megamix and gigamix. or at least a classic rock man anime with the original style (just like the cutscenes in super adventure rock man)

  21. >Implying a Megaman show would get the production team necessary to make a Legends show with outstanding writing/plot

    Not that it would be bad, but I doubt they'd do much with it.

  22. I'd like to see a continuation of RS-MM, myself...but it's like 17 years old, and the producers would most likely toss out everything that distinguished it from the game continuity on flimsy grounds.

    No matter which series gets picked (I'd prefer Classic, myself), I hope it'll be its own continuity, at least.

  23. Personally, I think the Zero and ZX series has been screaming for an anime for a while. Their art styles would lend really well to one.

    Legends' universe structure would probably lend quite well to an anime too. Lighthearted enough for all sorts of silly stuff, but serious enough to have a coherent plot.

  24. Personally, i'd love to see them finally make the Megaman ZX anime we previewed all those years ago. Failing that, then Legends all the way.

  25. The Ruby-Spears cartoon is what got me into the series. It was one of my favorite shows. <3

    Capcom should do more animations from their series. Imagine a Mega Man Legends, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and Captain Commando anime with the same quality of the Street Fighter, Darkstalkers (anime, not cartoon) and Power Stone!

  26. This wouldn't really calm the fans much but what about a Megaman Legends 3 TV series based on the would=be 3DS game? :P

    If it does well enough it could be adapted into a game or continued, etc.

    Good idea? :P

  27. hell noooo ..
    no legends anime just the sequel to the game please!

  28. If they did an X show, they'd better do it like the old "Batman: the Animated Series." Dark and brooding.

    Of course, I'd rather have games than a show any day.

  29. Careful, Capcom might cancel it.

  30. i think they should do a Zero OVA at the least. having too many episodes makes for watered down quality. if that goes well, then ZX would be an awesome followup. if that happens Capcom can have all of my money

  31. Well, since we're tossing out wishful dreams...
    At best, I'd like an X-series based show with X, Zero, and Axl together from the get-go. Voiced by the X8 voice actors. I would just...die from happiness right there. That would be my ideal choice.
    Barring that, I would love to see an anime based on the Zero series. Beautiful art, deep story, different bad guys to keep things fresh...they'd need to make Zero a little warmer though. It's hard to have a main character who's so cold and distant. Not as easy for the viewers to relate to. A cool but cocky Zero a-la X8/Command Mission.

  32. On the other hand, as much as I would absolutely love to see an animated incarnation of the X and/or Zero series, I don't think it would fly very well with the kiddies, because of the darker storylines and serious themes. And kids, at the end of the day, are the target audience for any cartoon. They're the ones who go, "Mommy, mommy, I want the cereal from the commercial!" Which makes the advertisers happy. Which makes the networks happy. Which means more seasons.

    Having said that, a more bright, cheery, kid-orientted incarnation of MegaMan would be in order.
    Classic. Legends. Maybe Zx.

    But you know, they could do a Zero-series based show using the MANGA. Sure! It's got action and humor, but no really dark elements! And it has FARTS! And as we all know, farts make everything better.

  33. Give me my fracking X anime.

    ...I'm waiting.

    Or an adaptation of Ariga's manga.

  34. The X series just has so much POTENTIAL. I mean, look at the GOOD fanfiction! It could be a serious science fiction epic. New life forms, virus, cop show, etc.

  35. Although the chances of Capcom going back and creating an anime of the current seven series is slim, when chances are even higher that they'd make an anime adaptation of a new series, if one were to exist.

    Something out of the ordinary, but I'd be curious to see how a Classic/EXE crossover anime would work out (plus X and Legends series characters who have alternate universe counterparts in the EXE series).

    Classic Proto Man: You have a ponytail.
    Protoman.EXE: Well, I'm a master swordsman!
    Classic: YOU HAVE A PONYTAIL. What does a master swordsman need with a ponytail anyways?!

    *insert both X series Zero and Zero.EXE giving an insulted expression here*

    Classic: Why is your name Zero? And what are those on your chest? Whoever designed you three are terrible.

    An all-series crossover could be an alternative, but it'd probably be too messy in anime format.

  36. At those that want a Classic cartoon/anime:

    I want an anime based on how Mega Man and X met in RMO. God, those trailers were the best animation sequences related to Mega Man I've seen yet. And that includes The Day of Sigma.

    But yeah, an X or Zero series would be badarse.

  37. Better not about Americanized Megaman cartoon. If they do, then they will be regret for that.

    Man, somehow I hated Americanized Megama Cartoon...

  38. I wouldn't mind anything with Ariga as the artistic director. But I don't know if anyone appreciates the X series work he's done in Megamissions.

    Still I'd love to see him do a more mainline adaptation. Or not... we could use some more Ix in our diet, we need our greens.

  39. God damn Id like it all...

    But if I had to choose, give X a shot. He gets no love these days. Rock has had his shows, for better or for worse- nd so has EXE and Star Force. Zero hasnt, but Zero also had Drama tracks.

    Give X a shot at the TV screen.

  40. I would love an anime series based on any of the series set in the Robotic universe.

    It would make me happier if they were to release an anime series for each series.

  41. I didn't watch the Battle Network animes because the characters just didn't appeal to me (the gameplay itself is barely satiating).

    If there was going to be a new Megaman animation, it would have to be classic Megaman. Megaman aside, there are just so many great characters in the classic universe who either aren't in the spin-offs or, if they are, they're poorly-developed.

  42. A 106 episode series of the Megaman Zero series through all four games would be AMAZING just see how it all went down and the amazing battles Zero had would be WOW Megaman Zero anime <3 make it happen!

  43. i'm kinda surprised to see this much desire for another animated rockman series. i wonder if every mega man fan out there could push for the most popular choice, if something could be done? and i don't mean just the fans of each series, but all mega man fans, pushing for the same series.

    lol, yeah, like that'd happen. well, it's a nice thought anyway. my two cents: X, Legends/Dash, or Zero. they're the most deserving, since the other two already had at least one each.

  44. I'm gonna separate this comment into three different comments since my mind's going different ways on this.

    The first comment SV makes that won't make anyone mad: They should do a Legends or X anime, since they haven't had their turn on the TV airwaves yet. The ZX and Zero storylines could work as OVAs

    The comment SV makes that many people won't care about: I'm still waiting on that redo of the Battle Network anime~. (Game storyline, plz~.)

    The comment SV makes that might make everyone mad: I'd rather not see an X anime, seeing as how the X series technically had the Day of Sigma OVA.

  45. Really, I'd take an adaptation of any one of the 7 MM series for a show. Between Classic and EXE, since these two already had shows, I would choose EXE IF the creators promised not force it to be as 'kid orientated' as it's anime did. Rockman turns out to be Netto's deceased brother at the end of BN1? "We can't show kids that, it's too sad!" Forte, long held as a mysterious Navi with an unexplained hatered of humans, reveals a history of heartbreak and betrayal? "Not for kiddies!" These were some of the best parts of the games, and certainly influenced how a person looked at the characters.
    I would like the idea of a tv series for the X games, but they'd have to introduce more villains. I love those games to death, but in the X series, the only thing more certain than the fact that Zero won't stay dead for long is that Sigma is behind ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING Maverick-related. Seriously, at Wily never tried to come back and kill you as a computer virus.
    After the proposed X show, the Zero series would easily be able to slide right in. It IS more mature than the X series, but not so much that it would alienate more than few of the viewers.
    ZX... Perhaps. This, along with EXE and Ryuusei, would, IMO, work better as anime than American cartoons. Maybe it's just the styles of these three series, but I think more Americans would watch something Classic, X, or Zero-based over EXE, Ryuusei, or ZX-based.
    As for a Legends series... Gah, hafta stop myself from making a bitter joke about it being cancelled. While I find Classic, X, and Zero to have great chances in American animation and EXE, Ryuusei, and ZX likely faring better in Japanese animation, I'm stuck on this one. Legends/DASH became a cult hit in both countries, and I think some people of both nations would feel betrayed if it were made in the other country. I'll have to think on this one more.

  46. If this ever becomes a reality...
    I'd watch that shit every single day.

  47. For those saying a series would need to be geared towards kids... *motions to all the very successful action anime that still manages to incorporate some darker aspects) I mean... c'mon now.

  48. @ October 4, 2011 3:57 PM:

    It's not a question of whether or not this theoretical anime series should be geared towards adults, but whether or not the writers are actually competent enough to pull off a darker full-blown Mega Man anime without it becoming a complete joke in the long run.

    Track record so far indicates no if it's anything beyond a special movie or something.

  49. I really wouldn't mind a new show... if we had a game to go with it.

  50. cccd-erckie: Well, we could probably get Zero's VA (since he's pretty heavily involved with the fanbase now) and Axl's VA.. But.. Uh.. X..

    X's VA has apparently become a Doctor somewhere in Nova Scotia. Zero's VA was trying to contact him to do some more X4 scene re-dubs and Ocean told him where he went.. That whole conversation happened on Youtube. I wish I could show you (it was actually my comment and Lucas told me which I then told Protodude here since he had tried to get an interview with X's VA (Mark Gatha) and was told he was 'unavailable' and spoke to Lucas (Zero's VA) instead.) ... but yeah.

    I personally find it hilarious. Zero's VA threatens to 'bust in kneecaps' of other VAs from the ZX game's work... (I think we can all see Zero doing that, right?).. X's VA, true to the character itself, goes off and saves lives by being a doctor, in a non-violent fashion.

    'Isn't it ironic...' eeeyup. Sure is.

    Anyway.. Toss my hat in for an X anime. I would LOVE if it was more dark / brooding with some occassional humor (like, oh, Bleach/Soul Eater/Cowboy Bebop).

    Of course, I still say Classic has the better shot. Capcom wants to pull in new fans.. Classic is that "Family Fun" type. Kids love it, parents can agree with it.. Recent games will help. They see a classic show and new downloads of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 and the DLC for both will rise, no brainer there. If a classic show gets popular, Capcom has a classic-game engine ready to go. Just make some new DWNs and a few stages and we're good to go.

    X hasn't been relevant, sadly, for a while now (try 2004-2005 since X8/CM.. MHX was just a remake and the PSP too new at that point to have made an impact and even then, it was still a WHILE ago.. 2006 was like, 5 years ago!).. So if any series wins a 'cartoon/show' deal, my bets are on Classic.. as much as I'd much rather see X.

  51. *realizes that, in that extremely long rant, not once did I mention Megamix and Gigamix*
    My god, how did I forget THIS. As a lot of people said before, this series did skim over the game adaptations somewhat (I only recall two pages for MM3, and 4 was only mentioned in a story that takes place months after), It does amazing on it's original stories, whether it's funny, heartwarming, thought-provoking, or a combination of the three. Ariga's artwork was good in Megamix, and it was just bloody brilliant by the time he came back ten years later with Gigamix. With Archie's Mega Man comics still new to the market, Ariga's work would be the best suited for a tv adaptation from MM print.

  52. We. NEED. An. X. Anime.

    OR... an Ariga-styled Mega Man anime, based on Ariga's awesome-tastic manga.

    OR... BOTH. Because we need them. I can't say it any more simple than that. :)

  53. I would like to see the original Saturday morning Mega Man TV series continue with new episodes leading on to X and Megaman Zero first of all.

  54. There is no love for Rockman these days. Legend 3 was cancelled (which i was pissed off about), the Starforce anime was cancelled (which i was further pissed off about), and i don't think Capcom have done anything with Rockman/ Megaman since (apart from putting Zero in Marvel vs. Capcom 3).

    If they were to do a new anime, either of an older series like X or Legends, or if they made a newer one I'd like it not to be as- child centered. I'd like a series with great plot and storytelling, awesome character design and development, deep and emotional twists with a darker perspective, while retaining some GOOD humour. Throw that together with awesome fight scenes and it would be my perfect series...a guy can dream though.


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