Friday, October 21, 2011

Hitoshi Ariga Teases New Mega Man Project

Hitoshi Ariga, author and illustrator behind the likes of Mega Man Megamix and countless other blue bomber comics, is cooking up something. Yesterday, the man who draws Mega Man for a living dropped the following enigmatic message at his DeviantART journal: 

"I'm currently working on a new Mega Man project!"

Short and to the point. With no other details provided, we're left with little to nothing to speculate over. Even so, Ariga's has typically brought us new comics and collected volumes in the past; more recently, the Rockman Maniax anthology. The prospect of something along those lines is high.

Still, there's one thing that I found particularly interesting about all of this. Ariga has made a tradition of teasing new projects at his personal blog... but not this time. Perhaps this new project is geared specifically to English-speaking audiences; hence dropping the tease exclusively via DeviantART? Eh, it's something to chew on.

When it comes to teasers of any sort, it's best to keep you expectations in-check. The last thing you need is to set yourself up for disappointment (I think we've had enough of those for one year).

I'll certainly be keeping an ear out. Hoping to hear more on this soon!

Thanks for the tip, Erica!


  1. WMG: Ariga is gonna finish development of Legends 3.

  2. We had Megamix and Gigamix. Next up should be Teramix. XD

    Maybe a new series with the robot masters from MM9 and 10.

  3. I personally don't see why any of his projects would be exclusive to English-speaking countries. Perhaps he just couldn't post about it on his blog, but felt that he could get away with it on DA? Eh, whatever.

    I'm personally hoping for something Rockman DASH related, given that Ariga has stated that DASH is his favorite series and said that he'd love to do an adaption of it if he ever had the time...

  4. Off-topic:
    Protodude, MM4 was the only game that gave prizes to the winners? Besides the 8 golden cartridges, Ariga said in his Twitter that the contest winners also received a booklet called Rockman Character Collection ( From what I found in the web, the book has a manga drawn by Inafune, which is also present in the book Mega Man Official Complete Works.

  5. Awesome. Already anticipating Gigamix 3 so even more of his work is welcome.

  6. Anything would be better than the Archie snooze fest so I gladly welcome it.

  7. Mega/Gigamix anime! Come on Ariga, you know it's a good idea.

  8. Now with more unnecessary chest-plate action!

  9. @Anon:

    Wait, so now the Archie Megaman comic is bad?

    Oh wait, it's not Asian/Japanese-made, so it's automatically bad. My mistake. [sarcasm]

    It's a wonder people bother with making stuff anymore when fanbases just go "It's not made in Japan so it sucks automatically" with the way their opinions are portrayed.

    And no, don't give me the "But the Japanese always do better" excuse. If they did, then people like Inafune wouldn't have said so much negative stuff about them.

  10. @Amir

    I find that a bit hilarious as I hate people like that.

    No I dislike the Archie comic because it has simply terrible pacing that makes it about as entertaining to read as it is to watch paint dry.

    You can put all the nerdy references and shout outs to the fan base you want but if it the end of the day the product is bland that's not going to be enough to make it interesting.

  11. Wait, this seems fishy. That account says it's been active for only a week, and a lot of that art is older work.
    You sure this isn't a hoax?

  12. @Anon 6:
    I sense smug-radiation.

  13. ^
    Ariga acknowledged the opening of DevientART on his personal blog:

    It's legit.

  14. @Amir: Yes, because if someone doesn't like an american product, obviously it must be because they hate America and love Japan, an american product couldn't possibly be bad, right?
    You're coming off as exactly the kind of people you seem to hate, just on the other side.

  15. He's been drawing a lot of Battle Network art lately, so I presume it will be something related to Battle Network.

  16. @Anon who responded to Amir.

    Amir doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Plus, he supports Crapcom by buying their products. Amir's gonna help Crapcom dig MegaMan's grave.

    He hates the MegaMan fanbase and is helping Crapcom dig MegaMan's grave. Just saying.


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