Sunday, October 2, 2011

How About Those Cut Man, Elec Man JUVIs?

Toy manufacturer Jazwares has been experiencing a bit of a Mega Man resurgence over the past couple years. They've ambitiously pursued the return of the popular Retro Roto series, and more recently the urban vinyl "JUVI" series. In the case of the latter, we were supposed to get Cut Man and Elec Man JUVIs earlier this year, but nothing came to fruition.

Fearing the worst, Rockman Corner reader Marcus reached out to Jazwares for comment via e-mail, yielding the following response:

"We have no plans to release these two figures at this time. However, we are working on what's next for MegaMan. Stay tuned!"

Not a particularly good outlook for Elec Man and ol' scissor head, but the comment does affirm Jazware's intentions to produce new Mega Man products. For those not in the know, Jazwares previously confirmed the development of new figures back in November. Alas, he we are nearly a year later, and nothing's surfaced. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- better to take time to develop something of high quality rather than a shoddy piece of scrap! Still, I was hoping to see something new about now.

Anyway, I, personally, wouldn't completely rule out Cut Man and Elec Man. I'm sort of catching this vibe that they may be forthcoming, possibly to flesh out the new toyline... whenever that hits.

Thanks for the tip, Marcus


  1. Aw, that sucks. I was looking forward to those.

  2. These again... I thought Jazwares gave up on Megaman since how Kotobukiya and Bandai are very successful in their figures. Jazwares can't compete with them, unless they start dishing out characters that we've all been wanting. Other than that, to me Jazwares are finished. It's funny how they back then proudly stated that they have full rights and everything, but nothing, nothing has come from them. Jazwares should just face it, they suck, just leave it to the true pros, the japanese.

  3. Yeah...the Jazwares figures have always looked pretty bad with the big baby faces and all. Not only talking about Retros either, X and Zero's faces were awful compared to the Bandai D-Arts which I think are near perfect. Not only that, my Axl's head fell off when I simply picked it up.

    Jazwares needs to get their quality right on these figures. Only way I would ever buy another.

  4. I can see why they took a while with the JUVIs. they first used JUVI's on Sonic The Hedgehog characters and they ended up looking rather ugly and lopsided due to quality control.: (aahh!)

  5. I'll take a large assortment of Retro-roto robot masters over Bandai X figures and Kotobukiya MM Zero any day.

    The Japanese may make products superior in quality, but they've never given half a damn about the robot masters. They always choose a small number of random bosses for their lines like the Super Modeling Figures (Airman & Cutman) or MegaHouse's Minis (Elecman, Airman, Snakeman & Skullman).

    Either way, robot masters are relegated to PVC or smaller. You won't see a Kotobukiya kit for each of the original 6 robot masters... ever! And that's a damn shame!

    The Japanese have experienced an Asperger's Syndrome epidemic over several generations that makes them obsessed with things that are identical but depicted in various colors, which is why Rockman was so appealing back when he used to change colors based on weapons. Hence the reason Rockman figure lines often include multiple Rockmans but few bosses.

  6. *shrugs*

    I really enjoyed the Retro Roto line and would love to see it continue. Kotobukiya and Bandai figures are great, but they're not as common as the Jazwares figures were. I'd like to actually walk into a store and be able to buy figures like I did when I was a kid and not have to import or wait for collector shops and/or ebay. It's impersonal most of the time for me.

    And to be fair, while a good number of the Jazwares figures were all kinds of wonky, the later X figures with the "real shooting action" really weren't that bad, even compared to the Bandai figures. Stiff, yes, but not as bad as the first run.

  7. Canada doesn't stock any of Jazware's MM figures, so I guess it doesn't matter all that much to me...

    Though, it is kinda a bumper on the quality of some of the earlier figures.

  8. I don`t see the appeal on any JUVIs, so it doesn`t really matter for me.

  9. Nooooo. I really wanted that Elec. He's so cute and chibified.

  10. JUVI's have no appeal. They look horrible. Retro Rotos, are fine.

    Anyway, I could think of a lot better toys to be made than standalone figures.


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