Monday, December 28, 2009

Rumor - Star Colosseum Headed To DSiWare?

A supposed inside source brings word that Capcom, in lieu of releasing Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star in the US, will simply port over the title's multiplayer mode, "Star Colosseum", to Nintendo's DSiWare service as a standalone downloadable game.

"Star Colosseum" a multiplayer mode featured in Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star (an enhanced port of the original Battle Network), allows up to six players to do battle wirelessly using a single copy of the game:

Not only will we be seeing an independent version of the Star Colosseum mode, the tipster also claims that enhancements for the US version are under consideration such as the inclusion of Wi-Fi multiplayer and the addition of at least one new playable character.

With lack of official confirmation from Capcom themselves however, it's best to take all of this with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the tip, Anon.


  1. Your friendly, neighborhood MettaurDecember 28, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    And I actually wanted to play OSS too, not having played the original BN.

  2. Ugh, ANOTHER Starforce/Battle Network type of game? Give me a break. Am I the only one who thinks that those games are garbage?

  3. ^
    It's not another game, it's the same as OSS, but it's only the mini game from OSS.

  4. I hope it's true. There's nothing important about porting an old game that's bound to fail. If there are improvements, this can be the first time an EXE game has done better in the US.

  5. Well, I have to say if OSS doesn't come to the US/outside of Japan, I'm going to be VERY disappointed. That was the one thing that got me really excited about EXE again, even if it is just a remake of the first BN game. Well, I'm going to stick to my word when I said I'd never buy another Capcom game again if I didn't see OSS in English, so hopefully the rumor that it's not coming stateside is false. The mini game does nothing for me since I don't have a DSi, nor do I plan on getting one any time soon...

  6. @Krazy Monkey

    Please read the article BEFORE you make a comment, it might help.

    I have the same opinion as Your friendly, neighborhood Mettaur

  7. @Krazy Monkey

    You probably are the only one who thinks that, too.

    If it's true OSS isn't coming to the US, no big loss. It's just a port of BN1 with a SF crossover chapter added in for the sake of having something new into it.

  8. Not interesting. BORED!

  9. Man, Krazy...

    Jeez, guys. At least before you start jumping ahead of everyone and hating on things, at least TRY to READ and UNDERSTAND the freaking article first.

    And damn, I wanted to play OSS too, but, ah well. Sure, it's just a rumor, but after seeing how poorly it did in Japan, I can see why they might not want to bring it stateside.

  10. Well, whether it's a port or not, it doesn't make a difference to me. Personally, I just don't understand the appeal in this series (or any that came after Mega Man X, for that matter). Here's hoping this one bombs, too.

  11. Darn. Seeing as I've never played an EXE or Starforce game in my life, I was looking forward to trying this one.

    And Krazy Monkey, you're probably not the only one who thinks that way, but most others are a little more polite about it. Especially since they know other people do enjoy them.

    And no matter which way Capcom goes with this, we can be sure of tons of hate comments. Either "WTF Capcom we want this game!" or "OMG why would we even care about this game?!"

  12. @Krazy Monkey:

    Wow...just wow. That's being too extremist. MMZ is a great, worthy succesor of the X series. So is ZX to MMZ.

    It's not a matter of using the same appeal with a brand new *insert something here*, like your so-called garbage games. It's using different approaches, but carrying the same feel as the last entry, which is a bit difficult.

    About the article, I think it would be a desperate move from Capcom. Yet, it would also be a good move.

  13. @ Krazy Monkey

    Huh, before you go insulting EXE please kindly check what sold well in both the U.S. and Japan (though it actually is the Japan sells that desides the future of the series). If you don't want to check it, I will just tell you. EXE sold more than any Megaman/Rockman game! In my personal opinion, compared to EXE, the X series is no match. Though I don't mind a Legends, I really don't like the X series. Oh, and before you comment, just try to read and fully understand the article please.

  14. @Linkfreak131

    Really, 1 port of a game is going to make you stop buying ALL Capcom games? I highly doubt that. I could care less whether this gets released in North America or not, it's going to fail if it does anyway so Capcom's playing it smart

  15. I know it's not technicaly a "remake" but I am still excited in a way! As long as it's as bad as bn 4 I'm happy!^-^


  16. ^
    It's not a new MM game...

  17. @Krazy monkey

    Well, if u HATE exe so much, why r u even comenting? I mean just leave it alone rather than putting down fans with u'r talk of "It sucks" and stuff. MAYBE I'm just angry considering I'M a fan, but please stop posting coments like that.

  18. @SJ!- Well of course it would. If Capcom doesn't want to bring one of my favorite series available to me, why should I bother supporting them with my money? Capcom may or may not be making a good move by not bringing it state side/in English, but it'll be losing a big fan/supporter in the process unless some sort of new EXE game becomes available.

    But, we have to remember that this is still only a RUMOR. Nothing really official from Capcom has come yet, so only time will tell.

  19. @anonymous

    I know it's not technicaly a new game, but I don't have bn1 so 4 me it is! ^-^

  20. U know, it would help if they asked the fans wut they want in a game instead of using an old game as a base and adding

  21. "As long as it's as bad as bn 4 I'm happy!^-^"

    So you actually LIKE crappy games? LOL

  22. I'm with Krazy Monkey

    to the last Anonymous : Krazy Monkey can say what he want when he want even if it's a negative comment or even if you don't like it

    so yea I think that's just another garbage gba pokémon rockman game with poor atari music and a boring storyline

    Do you really think that I will spend the entire year to collect the 200 chips for 1 game ? NO THANKS

    but hey...I'm happy :) Rockman 10 is coming ! :)

  23. @ Last anonymous: Freedom of speech. Krazy Monkey was just starting a discussion

    Hurray for MegaMan 10, takes away the stink of crappy Star Force and cheap Battle Network ports.

  24. To the anon agreeing with Krazy Monkey:

    There's a huge difference between having an opinion, and saying something in an insulting, non-constructive manner (aka trolling) and/or saying something that is just STUPIDLY IGNORANT.

    The main problem with Krazy is that he came in here in a manner that tells us that he didn't even bother to actually READ and UNDERSTAND the article before commenting.

    Really, it's -absolutely- rude and insulting.

    Everything else he said is just stuff that every other person that dislikes EXE/SF has already said in prior years, and I, at least, don't have much of a problem with that.


    All you onlookers, regardless of whether or not you like/dislike the EXE saga, ever wonder why some EXE/SF fans are getting very defensive lately?

    Take the following...
    - Krazy barging in here without reading the article
    - The Anon with the ignorant 'EXE is Pokemon' that the above part of this post is directed towards, in which he is clearly trying way too hard to pretend that he has actually played the games (which is doubly insulting)
    - Kotipeltox or whatever his name was (in the article below this one) that just tried to pass off Battlestar Galatica as kiddy/childish just because something EXE-related showed up.

    (Admittedly, I haven't watched that show, but I read a few things about the show's basic premise, and from that, 'childish' is already horribly wrong. If there is anything this past week that is most deserving of a 'facepalm', it is that.)

    ...Then apply their comments to an article talking about something you like. Then, perhaps, there will be a sense of understanding.

  25. Personally, I don't mind enhanced ports at all, so long as they actually remember to ENHANCE THEM. The DS/i has better graphical capabilities, and a larger screen, so I see no reason not to freshen it up. Look at FF1 Original compared to FF1 Advance (or the PSP version, for that matter). THAT is how an enhanced port is supposed to be done.

    Also, for those who still have their DS/DSL, why not have the ability to convert save data? Or, in some cases, have it unlock certain things or perhaps make them available for transfer...

    It could be done via Retro Chip traders, for instance. Plug in the retro version of the game, and it'll transfer one of the old chips to the new game at random by getting rid of some junk chip. So long as they let us keep using them (rather than the once-only thing with EXE2), I see no problem with it. In fact, I'd much rather do that then get the secret chips in EXE2! Those were a PAIN to get!

  26. @ Role: On the subject of enhanced ports, I'm still wondering why it's so difficult to have more than one save slot on an EXE game for once. (I'm aware that EXE 5 DS technically had two save slots, but that's different as each slot is for a specific version.)

    Pokemon and DQIX, for example, can get away with it due to how massive those games are, and admittedly EXE/SF are not (mostly EXE, as I have been told that SF 2 and 3 have had multiple saves).

    ...Although if there's one thing that I'm thankful for that exists in the EXE series, EXE 3-6 have some of the most streamlined easy-to-navigate menus in existence, and save data is saved almost instantly (with most other handheld RPGs taking anywhere from 5 seconds to even half a minute or longer to save. I'm looking at you, Pokemon D/P).

  27. You people could call this trolling if you want to, but like the anonymous posters have said, I have a right to express my opinion if I wish; even if it is a negative one.

    As for MusahiAA, I've actually played games like Mega Man Zero and Legends, and I wasn't very impressed by them. Legends, in particular (from what I've played) wasn't anything special, and definitely wasn't worthy of all the praise it's been getting. In short, I've actually tried to enjoy other series besides Classic and X, but I just couldn't.

    Lastly, it's crappy series like Battle Network and Starforce that kept the Classic series on a ten-year hiatus, and I could see the same thing repeating itself yet again, only this time with the X series. For example, Keiji Inafune has been asked about Mega Man X9 several times, and during that 22nd Anniversary thing that went on almost two weeks ago, he said that he wants to do something "completely different" with Mega Man before he DOES go on to make that. Going by that, I'm pretty sure that the "something different" he's referring to is another crappy new series that'll be getting way more attention than one of the only two series that are actually good.

  28. But have you played Battle Network? It can be pretty addictive!

  29. Well I wasn't quite impressed with EXE.OSS I considered it more of a crossover than anything else of a remake the only disappointment of it not hitting states is that I can get a well translated script of the story.

    Main reason why OSS caught my attention would be SS Rockman since even though I admit SF MegaMan 1&2 tanked I quite liked SF3 which I can say BN 4-6 with a decent DS face lift.

    I guess OSS wouldn't hit states because of sales lately with both the decrease in popularity of ZX and SF series. It seems for every person who likes them there is always 10 people who hate em.

  30. Hiatus? Megaman was already on a hiatus. BN revived it, at least commercially.

    I don't really feel one way or the other about this, but I won't be able to get it if it's true. I'd rather they skipped OSS and made something better. Like EXE7 or MML3 or MHX2.

    It's kind of sad and annoying that every story on EXE has to have an argument in the comments. :(

  31. You can't blame the other series just because no more classics have been made...

  32. I wonder if exe/oss can't be ported to dsiware completely? It's not that big a game, and the full Rayman game is up there too. (at least I think it's full, I haven't played it yet.)

  33. Battle Network was fun for me for the first three games, anything after that was just too much of the same formula. Now granted, I never get tired of the platform megaman formula, I just don't think the EXE formula can quite pull it off the way classic megaman does. At least w/ classic megaman levels change, but with EXE, it's always the same overhead map, the battles are the only thing that change, ever so slightly.

  34. Krazy Monkey. It's fine to post your opinion but you post as if you are making statement rather than opinions. If you disagree that's fine, but you should make it clear that you are not attempting to speak on behalf of the fan-base cause' you're not. I can flame and say how I think X can go to hell, but see the "I think" makes it a clear opinion. You were almost very good with your wording up until your last paragraph, that was where you sounded more like you were making a statement rather than an opinon.
    I'd have fun getting into a debate as to why I think X sucks, but that is for another topic.

  35. @ anon #6 and #7 (the ones that agree with Krazy Monkey)

    You are so wrong. Of course Krazy Monkey can say anything he/she wants. Though, I don't understand what is the point of saying something negative. Plus, I have a feeling that Krazy Monkey hasn't even played most, or at least the better, games of the EXE series.

    Hmmm, Pokemon Rockman game you say? I wouldn't exactly agree with that. I mean sure there are some similar concepts involved, though, the only one that I can think of is the turn concept which isn't even similar. Can you think of anything else that is similar? In a way that is like comparing an apple to an orange because they both are fruit. Plus, the music is AMAZING in the EXE series. For example, the title themes of all the EXE GBA games. Almost everybody loves them. Also, though good, the Classic series music if well kind of too old. As for the X series music, I frankly never enjoyed it as much as the EXE (and Starforce music).

    It doesn't take a whole YEAR to get 200 chips. I have done it myself in less than a year.

    I am sorry but I actually, in my opinioin, like the EXE series more than the Classic. After all the EXE series DID sell more than all the other Megaman or Rockman games (of course the Japan sells tells us the future of the series).

    The EXE/SSR series has a plot that shows the developement of the characters and a good story. Unlike in the Classic series where its fight this boss, then the next one, and finally the last one.

    The Classic series keeps using the same graphics. MM9 could have been so much better with better graphics. Now they do the same thing again and use the same graphics again in MM10. Shows how much Capcom cares about the Classic series and how much effort they want to put in it, compared to BN and SSR(3). The EXE/SSR series atleast has cool transformations, but in the Classic series it was just a color change. BORING to say the least!

  36. aT my last coment "as long a it's bad as bn4..." srry, forgot 2 add the NOT "AS LONG A IT'S NOT AS BAD AS BN4" *BLUSHES* yeah...Somtimes I forgot to write stuff when I'm in a hurry

  37. @Ryan

    It DOES get addicting...At least 4 me...Oh, well I'm like 12 I'm easily impressed

  38. That would be awesome, it'd mean I'd definitely get a DSi or Lite. (I have an older DS)

  39. Comparing games like Classic and X to Star Force and Battle Network is like comparing Mario 3 to Mario RPG. They are completely separate genres, and it's not a fair comparison. They are arguably both some of Mario's best adventures ever... However Mario 3 is a platformer with a thin storyline, and Mario RPG has hours of replay value, a plot, dialogue, and character development. Does that make Mario 3 a bad game? At the same time, is Mario RPG a bad game because it dismissed the established trademarks that define a Mario platformer?

    So you see... It's not about whether or not X is better than Battle Network because they are not fair comparisons. Capcom has expanded the Mega Man franchise to try and appeal to broader audiences, and now there are essentially three or four different iterations of Mega Man to appeal to specific demographics. Capcom doesn't expect every gamer to like every Mega Man spin-off. That's the point of a spin-off... You take some of the charm of the classic and try something new. It's like saying Mario Kart sucks compared to Mario World. It doesn't suck; it's just a different experience that you're not required to like as a Mario fan.

    I agree that I want Capcom to start focusing a little less on the RPG/hobby games and more on the other franchises, specifically X, Legends, and ZX, but only because I prefer the platformers. I'm better at them.

    But who are we kidding? Capcom does what sells. Battle Network was Mega Man's highest point financially in his entire 22 year career. It was the "Pokémon boom" of Mega Man. So it makes sense that Capcom would continue to try and replicate that success via Battle Network and the similar Star Force. Meanwhile the X series sales were waning in Japan (even after its Final Fantasy-style RPG diversion in Command Mission), Legends was critically panned at the time of its release, and Zero/ZX segregated itself from the casual gamer with its raised difficulty.

    But Battle Network sold like hot-cakes in Japan, enough to spawn a 209-episode anime series that ran for 4 years and even birthed Mega Man's first big-screen feature film. Yes, it bears tremendous similarities with other hobby-style games like Pokémon, but this is a big deal in Japan, adding hours of gameplay to "collect it all," as well as plenty of multiplayer competition opportunities, and plenty of special gimmicky give-aways for Battle Chips and what-not. And such a formula is easily recycled with minute changes every year to expand the success.

    Is it unoriginal? Not at all. If you want to be successful, try doing what a successful person does. And if you're the successful person, do what you're already doing until it's broken.

    Meanwhile, Capcom has renewed interest in the Classic franchise in the U.S. by milking the nostalgic 8-bit NES style that was popularized in American gaming culture thanks to apparel (Hot Topic) and internet fandom. Now they can produce late-80's-quality platforming games, offer them at a discount price as a downloadable game, and rake in even more dough for relatively low production costs.

    Now tell me, from a business perspective, is it at all surprising that Capcom would make the choices they have lately?

    Following suit, OSS was a financial disaster even in Japan, and it makes even more sense to NOT bring it over to the U.S. That's simply a waste of money. But they have the opportunity to offer the Star Colosseum as a downloadable DSi game... a format Mega Man has found success in with MM9 (and presumably again with MM10). It's a smart, profitable experiment for the company.

  40. On a side-note, don't ever act like Capcom doesn't pay attention to their fans. Have you even kept up with Capcom-Unity? The way they treat new content for games like Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV is exactly what fans have asked for. In fact... They often ASK fans what they want. And they do this with nearly all of their franchises. We're getting all those Ace Attorney games on WiiWare too. Just unfortunately, Mega Man seems to be in a vice grip with Keiji Inafune anymore, and the things fans really want, he won't let happen... At least, that's the way it seems anymore. He has a vision of what Mega Man should be (which is apparently 8-bit or bobble-headed)... and he won't let anyone disrupt that. So don't accuse Capcom of not doing what we want. If there should be any fingers pointing, direct them to the Blue Bomber's creator and his creative differences with the company.

  41. Nicely put Seiko. Just like the anonymous who argued with anonymous #6 and #7. One of the things that I don't agree with is that we want to see more of the platformers. I mean it is best if they expand on EXE and SSR. This is because now that Geo's dad is back, they can carry on and start a whole NEW plot that might appeal to everybody better. In other words, they can once again start fresh. As for EXE, it's best if they continue with it as well. You see, people are now aware of EXE because of OSS's advertisment. You saw all the posters and everything they put up. It really got everybody's attention. Now is the moment that Capcom should use to make new games. Even remakes of ports, as long as they are not as bad as OSS. Or even completely new games for the series. I mean they can have Patch star as the main character. This is technically a new series, but, still associated with BN. So it's not a continuation of BN, since it is over, but still attracts all the fans for BN and maybe even SSR. They could even make another desent crossover. There more things they can do with the most popular series from Megaman, which is technically BN (look at the sells). Now, do I want them to stop the Platformers? No. Keep them coming as long as it is the popular and demanded ones like Legends 3(which in my opinion I really don't understand) or maybe X9(which I really wouldn't mind). I really also don't think we can point fingures at the creator. I mean I don't think that he really wants it either. However, I do agree that Capcom listens to fans more than the creator. Is it possible to give ideas to Capcom Protodude? Is there somebody that can answer this question?

  42. I really don't care one way or the other. Actually, I'm somewhat glad they're not releasing OSS in North America, because then I don't have to feel compelled to play least until someone makes a translation patch.

  43. @ Anon agreeing with Seiko:

    A few weeks ago, an admin at Capcom Unity teased that they were working on something that would get our voices heard, so to speak. (He also said that we'd have to compete with the 'Resident Evil and Power Stone freaks', but that was more of a joke, as it could be for anything.)

    I don't know what became of that. Probably still working on it...

  44. @ Alilatias

    Huh I never heard of it. Thanks. Anyways does that mean that we can suggest any game? Like an all out fighting game between all the Megaman's. Or maybe even a BN7?

  45. @ Previous Anon: Yeah, anything.

    By anything, well... Pretty much everyone over at The Megaman Network made jokes about a dating sim suggestion. Heh.

  46. @ Alilatias

    Maybe they meant Mega Man 10? Or a new RE, Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe..
    The list can go on :/

  47. @ Alilatias

    Thanks. Anyways I better start working on some ideas. I wonder how they are gonna pull it off?

  48. @ Anon agreeing with Seiko:

    I disargee, SF had a possibly the best end it could have gotten. BN3 had a good end for the series, and look at what happen there. If you ask me, it's a good thing they end at SF3

  49. Wow...that was a long argument.

    I'm kinda miffed...if this rumor is true, I won't get to play a savable BN1 ever again. For some reason the battery save died...

    I already had to import my DASH PSP games...

  50. "At least w/ classic megaman levels change, but with EXE, it's always the same overhead map, the battles are the only thing that change, ever so slightly."

    Huh? I would think it's the other way around: The maps are always changing from game to game, but the battles are always the same sort of thing. (The hometown staying the same as one exception, sure: How often does a real town completely rearrange itself?) There are only so many ways you can make striking a set of 18 squares for massive damage seem exciting, so I wonder why they couldn't change that whole battle setup around more to keep it fresh.


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