Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Card With Purchase of OSS

According to this Japanese blogger, those who purchase Operate Shooting Star from select retailers this week will receive a bonus Christmas card:

Supposedly, the card has an attached audio message from Rockman.EXE and Shooting Rockman wishing the buyer a merry Christmas. 

Unfortunately, it's an in-store promo only, so it won't be available online. 'Course, I imagine it will make its way to auction sites soon enough.

[via Rockman@Cyber]


  1. god that one piece of art of them brofisting is getting really stale

  2. Clearly the previous low sales of the game are the result of savvy shoppers holding out for X-mas cards. >.>

  3. Huh, that's rather neat. Wouldn't mind owning that card.

  4. When you said Christmas card, I thought, "Christmas themed Battle Card."


    I'm sad.

  5. Khorosho,
    I can't agree more.

    I'm getting sick of seeing that image, too.

    Hell, I'm getting sick of hearing about EXE OSS.

    Why hasn't Brian posted the EXE3 PET auction links that I emailed him?


  6. @SaitoKojima:

    Having looked at that auction a few times, I decided it wasn't worth the price. It was for the unit only with no battlechips, box, or manual. W/o the battlechips, the unit is worthless, it won't work properly without them.

  7. Dude, not it's not. I want one so I can rip it apart and put a gameboy in it. XD


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