Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mega Man Megamix Officially Announced - Press Release, Images

Today, UDON Entertainment  officially announced  Mega Man Megamix vol. 1 for a North American release on January 27th, 2010.  Press release and preview images below!

UDON brings classic Mega Man Manga to English readers.
Toronto, ON – Dec 1, 2009 – With more than 100 video games to his name, Mega Man is among  the most iconic figures of gaming, but despite this, the original blue bomber’s Japanese manga adventures have never been available to English readers. UDON has decided to rectify that, with the release of Mega Man Megamix Vol. 1 in January 2010.
Written and drawn by mangaka Hitoshi Ariga, the Megamix manga is a 3-volume series beloved for its stupendous artwork and exciting stories. Outside of Japan, Mega Man fans have dreamed of one day being able to enjoy these adventures… and now they finally can!
The series features appearances by all the franchise regulars like Proto Man, Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Bass & Treble, Rush, Roll, and tons of villainous Robot Masters! UDON has gone directly to Megamix creator Hitoshi Ariga to obtain the original artwork files for the series, and ensure the best localization possible. Each volume of Megamix is also packed with character profiles, sketches, gag strips, and creator interviews. This is a series no Mega Man fan would dare miss out on!
Mega Man Megamix Vol.1 arrives January 27th, 2010 everywhere manga is sold. For more updates stay tuned to www.UDONentertainment.com.
You stoked?
Credit: The Mega Man Network, Boco


  1. Oh HELL yeah. I was so stoked when Matt told me we'd be localizing these! I can't wait for this to actually come out. :)

  2. January 2010? I'll believe that when I see it.

  3. January 2010? More like March or April

  4. Pretty cool. :) Translation's on the same level as Tanjou's. (The English FX written over the JP looks a bit odd and crowded, though)

  5. Looks pretty cool, can't wait.

  6. @Khorosho: our B&W manga are printed here in North america, so there won't be any delays on this title.

  7. *snrk!*
    Excellent timing, Matt XD

    Curious though.. what makes the B&W manga different from the art books where they have to be printed overseas? (at least that's how I understood it)

  8. It took awhile for this one to sink in. It means so much, considering all of the kids I see reading manga nowdays. It should make a huge impact on mega man's popularity. There could be all kinds of good things that come from this. Toys, games and more based off of the manga story and popularity. Atleast, that's what I am Hoping.

  9. @Turian:
    And a anime!

  10. Me want. Me want very much. That is all.


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