Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sheep Man Fan-Art Surfaces

The addition of Mega Man 10's Sheep Man has prompted the creation of a handful of interesting art from the denizens of Pixiv and DeviantArt...

See the rest after the break.

More at DeviantArt, Pixiv respectively.


  1. Very cute, I'm actually rather liking of Sheep Man.

  2. cloudman anyone? I mean I really hope the otherones are a lot better. the should continue with theclassic megaman by the way the did mm7, not graficly but in detail and feel. that game was probobly the most worked on classic mm game as stated many times by people working with the mm series.

  3. @TrenoNeoKnight

    Same here

  4. I wonder... are we going to have another female Robot Master? And how about things like the slide, charged shot, and what not? I guess only time will tell.

    I'm iffy on this Sheep Man, though. Hard to tell if they just weren't trying, if they were trying to be clever, or just plain being silly...

  5. Sheep Man.

    Finally, a robot master to make Frog Man slightly less ashamed of his own existence.

    (not dissing by the way, love the oddball RMs)

  6. Fuzzy!

    Er...I mean, Sheepman is lame! >:{

  7. I didn't like SheepMan much at first, but he's grown on me; that black space works much better as a face than the odd hole I thought it was at first. And if you think of him as mostly static-electricity-themed with the wool as an excuse to generate it, it all does make more sense.

  8. Wow.... That was fast.... The announcement was only a few days, and there's already tons of fan art of Sheep Man?

    It's like when the internet taking a love to Splash Woman. Except this time its a sheep.

  9. Sheepman looks like hes an elec type robot master, I'm actually looking forward to this sheepman

  10. @: Dr_Chaos

    Aaah, I forget all about Frog Man! Although, I still say Bubble Man is by far the lamest.. Or Clown Man. I just get the jibblies from Clown Man

    @: Role

    Mega Man games always have silly Robot Masters and bosses. Though they do have some golden ones. Like Centaur Man, who is my favorite.

    @: Anony1

    It would be nice to see a game as well done as 7. It had a nice story, new characters, a buying system, and new upgrades. This game, if the rumors are true, sounds to be a very good one!

    It would be nice to have a Graphically enhanced Mega Man.. But look on Capcom's view. After the success of Mega Man 9, they most likely want to shoot a bit higher with the same formula. And being realistic, it would be kinda silly to go from 8-bit, to HD.

    Same with the X series. As cool as it would be, I doubt we would see them going back to 16 bit. Though we can always hope!

    Although a Mega Man Legends 3 with bumped up graphics could be in the mix.. At least for a Wii game, not sure if they would risk going for more expensive consoles, for a series that has been delayed for so many years... <3

  11. With a lot of other people, SheepMan is starting to grow on me. I thought it was weird at first but the design is looking better. I'm willing to bet there will be another female Robot Master though, maybe even two like originally planned for 9. IIRC, they didn't do two because they didn't want to have too many females right away.

  12. Sheepman is the cloud number nine. Genius.

  13. - Wow, I wasn't expecting MM10. Great news, one more! ^_^;;

    - Well, the SheepMan looks cool and odd, since it's a sheep+cloudy, as you can see in his attack.

    - Next, I don't mind about sliding and charge shot. Personally, I don't like them.


  14. Here's one really funny Sheepman picture

  15. I'm worried about Sheep Man's difficulty. Sure,he's fun to look at now, but what if he turns out to be....

    A Wolf Man in Sheep Man's clothing?

  16. it resembles more of a cloud than a sheep or (even more logical) an animal

  17. Frog Man? Is that a mix between Bubble Man and Toad Man? Idiotaz


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