Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OSS Coffee Mug For Your Sipping Pleasure

Capcom plans on distributing a handful Operate Shooting Star merchandise at a special "demo play" event on December 20th in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.  In addition to the usual suspects like stickers and posters, Capcom will also give away a special OSS coffee mug:

For those of us living outside of Japan, be on the lookout for the mug to become available at online import shops, or even Capcom's own auctions and raffles service, whose track record of giving away mugs is pretty high.

[via Famitsu]


  1. Normally I'd think it's weird to have merchandise for such a piddly port, but... I kind of like it. X) Disregarding its connection to OSS, I'd still like to have a mug with those two Rockmans on it.

  2. The first mug looks cool, but I can't understand what the second mug says, I'm guessing it says "Rockman exe operate shooting star", or as we say it here in the U.S "Megaman exe operation shooting star"?

  3. It's not two mugs; it's two pictures, one of each side of the mug.

    As an avid tea drinker myself, I would love to own this. Too bad my chances of that are -87%.

  4. I'd rather get a Kobun mug someday.


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