Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inafune Talks Mega Man X9, Powered Up 2, Series Future (UPDATE)

Courtesy of GoNintendo, a brief summary of some of the more interesting tidbits that came up during the 22nd anniversary live webcast:

- Inafune says moving into 3d once again would be tough, because 2d and 3d Mega Man fans would have different expectations, and there are some elements of Mega Man in the 2d realm that just wouldn't translate to 3d.

- Inafune would love to make a new entry in the X series, but he says he happens to be very busy. Before X9 were to happen, Inafune would like to do something completely different with Mega Man.

- Inafune says 8-bit is where Mega Man was born, and he hasn't done everything he wants to with 8-bit Mega Man. As far as a Mega Man series entry that is 16-bit in style, he'll have to see where the series leads him.

- Inafune likes the idea of a Mega Man game with hand-drawn graphics (Muramasa), but he doesn't want to just imitate that idea.

- Inafune says Mega Man Powered Up 2 has a strong possibility of happening.

UPDATE: Download an Audio Podcast of the Live Webcast here. Props to the Rockman Perfect Memories crew!


  1. The questions were very disappointing, the majority involving "is such and such RockMan game going to happen?" Oh well, it was still a great experience!

  2. I agree with that JDAManson. They led us to believe he would be answering a lot of questions, but turns out it's only for 5 minutes.

    I've read all of those questions in the Unity post and there were some very interesing ones that had never before come up in any interview with him. Instead they pick the questions of the spamming mass in the chatbox, about new game posibilities, of which we know he isn't going to give concrete answers.

    Powered Up 2 being a very big possibility of happening isn't saying much, he's been saying that about Legends 3 for years.

  3. I agree. They didn't answer enough questions. They are probably like 40+ pages worth of comments at the Capcom-Unity site by now...

  4. Plus they said they would print out the chat log (a lot of spam!) to skim through for questions and comments. They've got their work cut out for them.

    But, this was a great session and I'm really glad you pointed this out, Proto!

    Also, I did find their answers to some of the questions informative. I kind of figured they were on an 8-bit fix and wanted to do more with the series there, but one day would probably revisit X and Legends. It just seems that they want to focus on what they are doing now before other things (he said he was very busy).

    As for the Rockman movie possibility that they joked around with, I think they should go more of the CG/anime route and make it 3D (done right though).

  5. I really hope someone works on fully translating the Japanese side, ours seemed kind of...tacked on.

    The questions were a letdown, but it isn't surprising that they'd just pick what everyone asks.

  6. Hey Protodude, I have the interview questions of the event on MP3 audio here:

    12.88MB Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record in time for the first question to be asked, and I was able to record from the first answer to the rest of the questions.

    You all MAY want to turn down the volume a bit. It was recorded live, so I could do anything to improve it during the conversation.

  7. Btw Protodude, the full trailer as shown in the webcast is online on the Japanese site, I don't think you've posted it here yet so just a heads up.

  8. I was hoping to hear more about a future of co-op Mega Man games. Possibly even a Proto Man series. They didn't drop any bombs for us. I feel very let down.

  9. I agree with the JDA and Snap. They picked the stupid questions that we ALL knew the answers too. Its OBVIOUS he wants to do more with 8 bit, or we wouldnt have 10. Its obvious he wants to make another X series game, that Series is practically his favorite, and if there isnt one, then its no doubt because hes busy with other games and projects. PU2? doesnt surprise me. Inafune originally wanted Megaman to be sort of like PU, but never did it because of graphical limits. Legends 3? i swear to god, If someone asks Capcom that question ONE MORE TIME... Inafune has said it time and time again that he wants to make an L3. But he cant because Capcom wont really fund him for it.

    God. Its always the spam questions, the ones that in some cases, he and other Megaman producers have answered before, that get picked. They could have selected a plethora of much better questions, mainly ones related to the plots. And Plot mysteries.

    Oh well. At least it was a fun interview. Though it felt like a kick in the face to see the US commentators drinking the real E-Cans instead of the totally does not look like an E can at all ones Boston America made. They said that many people would not recognize the design as megaman related. i think those 60,000 U.S. viewers mentioned watching the event would beg to differ. *Sigh*

    Oh well. I guess its time to wait for the 25'th anniversary. im pretty sure THAT will be big.

  10. "and he hasn't done everything he wants to with 8-bit Mega Man"


  11. I am glad the Murmasa/Odin Sphere topic was brought up. I can kinda see his point, but then if you couldn't copy them, why not go with HD sprites?

  12. Not enough questions, not enough news, not even an update for possible upcoming megaman games in the future.


  13. Well, I'd certainly prefer a MMPU2 to an IHX2...

  14. Says you. PU2 isnt needed for more than aesthetics changes.

    MHX2 is needed for story reasons. the MHX series expands the story, including things previously only known in sourcebooks into the games.


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