Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Capcom Accepting Questions For Inafune And Ariga

In preparation for tomorrow's big 22nd anniversary web cast, Capcom wants to hear your questions for Keiji Inafune and Mega Man Megamix author/illustrator Hitoshi Ariga:

Drop your questions at Capcom-Unity, and tune in tomorrow night for the live web cast! You might get an answer or two!


  1. Alright! I love it when capcom does this!

  2. I asked him my question in Japanese. (Thank goodness, it's paying off!) Maybe there's a more likely chance he'll answer that one. :)

  3. Can i ask dis question whos the 3rd character in MM/RM10 ;) just kidding

  4. thats gonna be alot of question thers alot of megaman fans out there


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