Friday, December 11, 2009

More Mega Man 10 Details: Commando Man, Release Date Revealed

Apparently, that Nintendo Power issue is out, and with it comes a plethora of new Mega Man 10 info including the unveiling of a new Robot Master, Commando Man, and more importantly, a release date!

Information summary:

- Expect a new ice-themed boss who dominates a glacier stage. It’s filled with snowmen with exploding heads and ice blocks which break if shot or touched.
- A sewer stage is home to new slug-like Metools.
- A stadium stage contains sports-themed foes like baseball throwing robots, and a soccer goalie mid-boss.
- Computer-themed stage with mouse pointer enemies that draw boxes to throw at you, color-changing disappearing blocks, power treadmills and more
- a desert stage acts as one of the more difficult areas as sandstorms obscure your vision.
- The famous Yashichi item returns, and refills Mega's life and weapon energy completely.
- The shop returns from MM9.
- MM10 features difficulty settings: Easy mode is said to make the game’s difficulty more "in line with Mega Man 2", while hard mode is there for who want a real challenge.

- The game will contain multiple modes, achievements, challenges, leader boards, and downloadable content.
- Unfortunately, there won't be a female Robot Master this time around.
- MM10 is looking to release some time in March 2010.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. better than sheep man

  2. Commandoman...he lokks pretty cool! Can't wait!

  3. I was hoping they would all be animals.

  4. "Sorry, Splash Woman fans."


    Why not? I thought most fans loved the inclusion of a Robot Master like Splash Woman.

  5. He's HUGE! How delightful. I look forward to fighting against this guy. It's like he's got all the heavy-hitting force of Hardman with the destructive projectiles of Napalmman.

    I'm really liking these new robot masters! Sheep is still my personal favourite though.

  6. So many wrong things you can take with this name... Interesting, but serious D< Why the f*** not include another female RM, everyone loved her D<

  7. MM10 features difficulty settings, with easy mode being compared to the difficulty of Mega Man 2.

    What exactly do they mean by this? Do they mean it's going to be as hard as Mega Man 2's "difficult" mode or "normal" mode?

  8. Wow he is pretty big

  9. Now thats the kind of Robot Masters I wanna see! Awesome. :)

  10. MARCH!?!? Wow I hope there will not be a set back on this. If they truely release this on March Ill be very happy! For one thing its a month BEFORE my birthday, which is my birthday is in April. So to me would be an early B-Day present!

  11. I am waiting they confirm Bass as the third playable character, he is awesome.

  12. Remainds me of CapCom. Go Commando Team!

  13. Alright Commando Man joins RMs with hilariously suggestive names XD

    Also i hope the ice boss is a female. Chill Woman would be a nice name :D

  14. I'm glad they don't include another female robot master. It would make Splash Woman less special.
    But damn, March, that's quick.

  15. No Female Robot Master?!? Damn you Capcom!! People loved Splash Woman!! Come on ¬¬

  16. How long until pics will be all over the net of commando man "going commando"? ;D

  17. >Unfortunately, there won't be a female Robot Master this time around.


    also, baseball-man confirmed :C

  18. ^
    It just said "No female RM's."

    Anyways, Commando Man looks freakin' sweet. And not freakin' sweet in terms of silliness where it's so silly, it's awesome (like Sheep Man). I mean, it's just freakin' awesome.

  19. @Anonymous:

    They already said that there wasn't going to be another female Robot Master.

  20. Wow, March! That is way sooner than I expected. I'm glad that Capcom announced the release date already and didn't pull a Konami with this one. Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth has been out in Japan for two months now, and there is still no confirmed US release date.

    Anyway, I'm pretty stoked now! Time to replay the first nine games!

  21. Oh i missed that part. My bad >.<;

  22. Ah, so THIS is where all the resources that could have made Rockman OSS un-crappy went.

    Well, I owe Capcom an apology. I thought they were screwing around. Turned out they just knew how to prioritize.

  23. @Anon1:55 - I wonder what happens to Commandoman when the difficulty is on Hard mode....


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