Sunday, September 27, 2009

And More Operate Shooting Star Details (UPDATE)

TGS is winding down, and it looks like the final bits of OSS info are leaking out. Two Japanese blogs, Dark Messiah and Daily Rockman, summarize their accounts of a second playthrough of the OSS demo version:

- There are black bars on the left and right side of the top screen during battles. Said to be distracting at times.
- War Rock chip hits 3x2 panels ahead
- Yai, Dex, Mayl have new mugshots
- OSS will include the SubChip system, a staple of the series since EXE 2.
- HP no longer automatically restores after battles (thank goodness for SubChips!)
- You can hold up to two chip folders (as opposed to the original three)
- Minor tweaks to chip folder building rules; can only hold up to five of the same chip (ten in the original game)
- Mr. Famous will make an appearance in some form

About the black bars, it sounds as if it's the same deal as BN5DS, where battles weren't stretched to display properly on the top screen. Not too big of a deal, but I can understand why some would find it rather annoying.

UPDATE: Moar details from DM:

- Club Strong appears as an item in the Rockman Colosseum mini-game, attacks with his oversized club.
- There might be some form of DLC such as downloadable battle chips and events.


  1. YES!!! At least the BN1 battle system is gone for good!

  2. No transformations huh 8(. I was also looking forward to style changing again (Bug and Custom Style FTW!). If they bring back the armor system, then I hope that they atleast make it so that Megaman changes his appearence somehow. I don't care if only his color changes like to a green color to show that he is wood elemental or red to so that he is fire elemental. I really hope that they make another remake of BN2 so tht I can style change or something. But I am still SUPER EXCITED for the game!!!!!!! OSS and EXE RULES!!!!!!!!

  3. You know...

    I always assumed MMBN5DS was Capcom's experiment with the DS hardware. And it showed; very sloppy dual-screen features, few new features, etc.

    Then we got the Star Force series, with full-blown 3-D battles. SF appeared to be the results of the DS-hardware experimentation that was MMBN5DS.

    Now we're getting OSS... Which seems SLOPPIER than the experiment that was MMBN5DS.

    Capcom... Are you on a paper boy's budget with this game or something?

  4. "Capcom... Are you on a paper boy's budget with this game or something?"

    And if it fails, they're not out much money.

    Though, really, how hard is it to make the battle field stretch, or at least shift it down and let sky/background fill the rest?

  5. Yes they could have filled the spot with background. Or just remake the game completely from the start.

    At least the sprites will be fun to rip.

  6. Good grief, letterboxes? It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

  7. You know, I kinda hope the Japanese game market does crash. Because compare what sells well in Japan (Battle Network 4, Star Force 1) with what sells well in the US (Powered Up, Maverick Hunter X, ZX Advent, MM9), and then tell me what games you'd rather Capcom start making again.

    Maybe the market really will crash, and Capcom will start garnering only to US gamers. Then we can finally get some GOOD Mega Man games... regularly.

  8. Did they have to make it so much like Exe 2? If you no longer get any HP back after battles, how will this affect the power plant network, where the gimmick was that you got less and less HP back after battles as the battery gauge ran down?

  9. @Seiko: Um... ahehe, might wanna recheck what sold well in the US.

  10. I don't have sales chart in front of me, but IIRC, didn't Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X sell a lot better in the US than they did in Japan? I'm not talking MMPU sales VS Halo 3 sales, I'm talking MMPU sales VS Rockman Rockman sales...

  11. They may have sold better here than in Japan, but they didn't sell better than the BN games. I must have misunderstood you. :D

  12. Why can't you guys give this game a chance? I mean I like that you guys are speaking your opinion and all but I don;t like how you people are just complaining. I wonder how you guys would like it if the EXE fans started to complain and say how and why they don't want a new EXE game right? Just Give the game a chance. Please.

  13. if someone hasn't said this yet, do you think capcom will remove some of the original text, because it had innapropriate words

  14. @Anon7: I seem to only remember cursing in BN2, the most risky of all the titles. Before and after that they cut it out.

  15. :O DLC Battle chips?

    I don't believe you. No really, I don't. But if there were DLC events (as I have always said would be a perfect last release for the EXE series, new scenarios you get via download) then this could turn into something pretty fantastic. Perhaps Clockman allows you to travel to future game timelines? No, that's too big of a secret to keep quiet, and cleaning up the paradoxes would be a headache.

    Why DLC and no online multiplayer? O_o Perhaps if it's localized we'll get it. Hey, you never know.


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