Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chip Tuned Rockman Review

1Up's Jeremy Perish has given an in-depth review of Chip Tuned Rockman, the soon to be released soundtrack from IntiCreates.  Overall, Jeremy loved the disc, but cautions readers that it might not be for everyone.  A portion of the review below:

"The CD includes 20 tracks arranged as a sort of backward journey through the Mega Man series, beginning with some tracks from Mega Man 9 and working down to Fireman and Cutman's classic themes from the original NES game. This is clearly a labor of love and affection, as the remixers touch on the breadth of the series, including the relatively obscure Mega Man V for Game Boy, and even dish up a remix of the Megawater_S theme from The Wily Wars. I'm a huge Mega Man nerd, and I've never actually played the Wily Wars, since it's a rare and expensive import-only release; I only know it by reputation. These guys clearly did their homework. "

" If there's a downside to Chiptuned Rockman, it's that the whole thing is maybe just a little bit too clever, too meta. People who want game music arranged to sound less electronic won't like it, and people who want the straight-up original compositions will be disappointed by the embellishments."

Full review available here. Thanks for the tip, Kyouya Garyuu.


  1. - Retro lovers seem to be rare these days... :) Anyway, *usually*, I like all those Rockman fan-made music, specially chip-tune. However, I cannot take any straight position, it's required to hear the soundtrack... and his comment was quite too early.

  2. I'm hoping this becomes available for download soon.

  3. I'm listening to the sample posted on YouTube, and even though it's just a melody, it's fucking amazing. My only complaint is that a shitload of these songs I'd love to hear in full, rather than only a tiny sample of them in a full melody.

  4. I downloaded it yesterday. It's alright.


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