Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rockman 2 Arrives On Japanese PSN

Joining the ever-growing library of PSN PSone games is none other than the Complete Works version of Rockman 2; the game is up for download today for the usual 600 yen.

There is no region restriction for PlayStation Store, meaning you can purchase the game even though you don't own a Japanese PS3. All you need to do is set up a JPN PSN account (instructions here) and have access to a JPN PlayStation Network Card to redeem cash for yen(instructions here). Once you get that out of the way, you're free to enjoy RM2 on either your PS3 or PSP!


  1. I've been enjoying Rockman 2 on my PSP for over a year now thanks to CFW. And I didn't even have to re-buy a game I already own!

  2. I'm already free to play Mega Man 2 on my PSP.

  3. Are these post comments even legal, considering they're mentioning piracy, and PSP hacking? o_O

  4. How many TIMES are we gonna hear the news of Mega Man 2 getting re-released for a different system? It was a good game, but this is starting to get beyond old! SHEEEEESH!

  5. Well, I've purchased Mega Man 2 4 separate times now, so I think Capcom got their money that they were due. Besides, it's a license. I have more than enough MM2 licenses for myself.

    & PSP hacking is both legal & boss.


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