Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mega Book Roundup

With so many Mega Man books coming out, it's easy to forget which one is which and what's coming out when. So, for convenience's sake, here's a breakdown of each;

Mega Man Official Complete Works - September 30th, 2009
MMOCW contains 200 pages worth of official and conceptual classic series related artwork. MMOCW represents the first half of the Japanese art book, R20: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works; the second half, Mega Man X Official Complete Works releases three months later...

Mega Man X Official Complete Works - December 14th, 2009
The companion to MMOCW and the second half of R20, consists entirely of X series art.

Mega Man: Complete History - October 1st, 2009
Not much is known about this particular book at the moment, but what we do know is that it has no relation to MMOCW or MMXOCW. Published by Chronicle Books and written by Jon Gibson, Complete History was actually announced back in 2007 as a commemorative project for the series' 20th anniversary. The book was delayed until recently.

Mega Man Megamix Volume 1 - February 13, 2010
After so many years, Hitoshi Ariga's classic Rockman Megamix manga is finally making its way stateside courtesy of Udon Entertainment. You stoked?

Rockman DASH 2 Art/Soundtrack Pack - October 1st, 2009
This 32 page booklet contains conceptual and official Rockman DASH 2 artwork as well as a bonus 17 track soundtrack. The pack will be sold at the Tokyo Game Show in a matter of weeks, but, come October 1st, the pack will make it's way onto E-Capcom for approx. $21. If we're lucky, this little nugget will show up on import shops such as Play Asia. If not, there's always Ebay!

Mega Man ZX - TBA
Though not listed on any online shops yet, Shin Ogo's Rockman ZX manga is expected to be heading our way in the near future. Udon Entertainment announced plans to translate the title for English speaking audiences back in April, and from what I hear, things are shaping up quite nicely.


  1. Pre-ordered MMOCW and MMXOCW to complement my MMZOCW.
    I'll consider MegaMix, but I also need to save money with the recession and all...
    Complete History...no idea. I'll need to see what it's like.

  2. what about zero complete works?

  3. ^
    ZOCW has been out for a while now, this post consists of upcoming books.

  4. MMOCW and MMXOCW sound great, definitely getting those. I'll probably end up getting Mega Mix too

  5. Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works are looking great, everyone. I think you'll be very happy when you see the finished product. I love how it's turned out. :)

  6. awesome. . .can't wait to get the X series version.

  7. This is exactly what I have been meaning to do myself; make a list of the upcoming Mega Man books. You have saved me the trouble, lol. ;)

  8. MMXOCW was delayed? :( At least it would be a good christmas gift!

  9. Thanks a bunch, Protodude! This is much appreciated! I knew I was missing a couple of books somewhere on my own list. Now I just wish I had a job to pay for all these things, but even if I did have a job, I guess I'd be to busy saving it for even more college fun. -_-;;

    Now, we may not be getting that many games this year, but we're certainly being graced with all these, right guys?

  10. September 30th for MMOCW? I have it preordered at Amazon, and they're listing it as releasing October 14th.


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