Monday, September 21, 2009

Mega Man 9 Turns One

One year ago tomorrow,  Mega Man 9 made its triumphant debut on Nintendo's WiiWare service. Since then, the game has gone on to earn praise from critics and fans around the world, constantly finding itself in numerous "top tens" and taking home several "best digital title" awards.

To celebrate, take some time to reflect on the Mega Man 9 experience.  In the end, did you enjoy the game? Were you a fan of the retro/8-bit style?  If you could change one thing about MM9, what would it be? etc.

Also, for nostalgia purposes, you might want to check out one of my older posts from '08, "The Shadow Retrospective", which chronicled the events and leaks that led up to MM9's announcement. It's a fun little read; you'll get a kick out of how accurate those leaks turned out!

And, before I forget, Rockman Perfect Memories is celebrating the festivity with a series of live stream events. Site admin, Vixy will be playing through various games in the series several days this week. Check it out at Vixy's channel here.

Well, that's that. Happy one year anniversary, MM9! Hope to see that inevitable sequel sooner than later!

UPDATE: Capcom's doing something special tomorrow. No, its got nothing to do with the "undiscovered secret", unfortunately.


  1. Wow, a year already? Man, I just wasted a ton of my life doing nothing in particular.

  2. I'm glad you caught on to my news post at RPM, Protodude. I wanted to celebrate the anniversary in a special way, so I'm live-streaming as many MM games, including MM9, as I can in a week. I hope you enjoy it. ^^

    - Rebecca

  3. mega man 9 was as good as it possibly could have been. i hope for many future iterations that hold to a similar formula.

  4. I loved Mega Man 9. It's become one my top 3 favorites in the classic series. Right there with Mega Man 2 and 3. Both in soundtrack and gameplay wise. I listen to Galaxy Man's stage theme almost everyday. =D I would certainly enjoy another game like it.

    The only thing that bugged me was paying for all the downloadable content. I still think that stuff should have been in the game already. Proto Man mode was reasonable, but Hard and Extra Hard mode shouldn't have been something else you had to pay for, in my opinion.

    But, like I said, I'd love another one! I know, graphic wise it's not great, but I like it in 8-bit because the game just runs much faster than when it was 16 and 32-bit. I find myself pressing buttons much faster in the 8-bit games. Don't get me wrong though, I'd also love another Powered Up! =) Anyway, that "Mega Man 9 secret" has become annoying now. Just freakin' tell us already, darn it Capcom! I wanna know what it is! Well, that aside, happy one year anniversary Mega Man 9!

  5. I watched Vixy play through Rockman 6 this evening, and it was quite enjoyable; I'm hoping I'll be able to watch some of the other playthroughs as the week progresses!

    I made a brief blog post about it as well, just to continue advertising it (and because I think this anniversary is significant as well).

  6. i was about to say, if there was one thing i could change it would be knowing what the secret is :P fantastic game though, those nostalgic dissapearing blocks came back and megaman was in all his former glory once more


  7. Yey Happy Birthday MM9, Ah? there not gonna reveal the secret why I was hoping for that :)

  8. I STILL haven't forced myself to plunk down the money for it. I really need to. But you know how it is these days.

  9. - About the secret, yes, we need a clue instead of being recently "Rick Rolled" by two persons there. While you can't see a certain planet, it's possible to watch a few things as clues to its existence; while you can't see an atom, you can take a few experiments as clues too, like sparkling or chemical mixes.

    - In other words, we need a clue to be sure this nugget is really real.

  10. Tell us the secret! it's already past 1pm eastern time!!

  11. they will give us the final secret when they will announce the new action rockman game to promote it


  12. Talking about the "undiscovered secret", maybe if you need to die several times with or without continues to trigger something in the game, like in Mega Man V. Who knows, if you get 9 lives, die 8 times, use the M Tank to gain more lives and die even more, without a game over, something might happen in the current stage?


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