Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shipping Out: Irregular Hunter/Rockman Rockman Value Pack

The Irregular Hunter + Rockman Rockman PSP value pack is heading out to stores today. Copies will be going in the mail sometime now for those who pre-ordered online via Play Asia or elsewhere.  And don't forget, initial shipments are supposedly coming with a bonus 30 track soundtrack!  Limited in supply, so once they're out, they're out for good.


  1. It's funny that this came out today, because this game has been available for a while in China (well over a week, but I just noticed it a week ago while looking in TaoBao), though I imagine the versions on there are unofficial.

    Still, the Chinese versions cost more (about $42.54 USD), so getting it from PlayAsia seems to be the better deal. But, out of curiosity, here's a link to the TaoBao version:

  2. I totally would've bought this if it was a full soundtrack.

  3. I bought it just because Rockman Rockman was one of the best games I have played and I want to see a second one. Mine just arrived today. From e-Capcom though.

  4. @Anon2: Well, the more people who buy this product, the better. "Rockman Rockman 2" and IHX2 haven't been entirely ruled out, and in fact, their future largely depends on the success of this value pack. This is basically a "second chance" for these games, so if they do well, there may be another glimmer of hope that you'll see sequels (even if only in Japan).


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