Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drool Worthy Megamix Figures

Kobun37 stumbled across a fine crop of home-made Megamix styled Robot Master action figures, featuring the likes of Elec Man, Heat Man, Skull Man and Ice Man.

The sculptor really went all out with the precision of each design, he even saw fit to provide design-accurate bottoms of the feet:

By the way, Megamix author/illustrator, Hitoshi Ariga, took notice of these figures and purchased a full set. Needless to say, he was very impressed with the craftsmanship. After all, who wouldn't? They're neato!

[via Bucho]


  1. Holy crap...Those have got to be some of the coolest Rockman toys ever! I really love how Elec Man just towers over the rest of the figures - literally! This is some damn-fine craftsmanship. Damn fine!

  2. Simply beautiful work. Some of the finest I've seen being fan made,

  3. Now this is something I would be willing to spend some money on. The megamamix designs kick so much ass.

  4. Wow, beats the heck out of those GI Joe, those are sweet. On a side note, my Toys R Us has the new Metal Sonic figures in stock (the 12" articulated figure, not the Juvi)

  5. Yeah, it's pretty sweet, he looks just like the model from Sonic CD.

    here's a pic of him


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