Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interview With Caitlynne Medrek - Voice of Cinnamon

The first of (what I hope will be many) Mega Man X Command Mission voice actor interviews is here! I'm kicking things off with Caitlynne Medrek – the voice of fan-favorite Cinnamon.

Protodude: When did you start acting?

Caitlynne: I started acting when I was 12 - In grade 5.
My very first role ever was TOTO in The Wizard of Oz. Haha.

PD: Growing up, did you ever hope to one day become an actress?

C: Yes, I started dancing at a very early age, and was OBSESSED with the stage - so I then started dreaming about Broadway of course and kept on going where ever the auditions took me!

PD: Is it hard to balance acting and your social life?

C: At times, rehearsals can be tough because they fall on weeknights and usually sundays - but its never too bad. Recording sessions happen during school hours, and I NEVER complained about that, and now, being in college there is no point in even DREAMING on a social life, because we have 12 hour days at least 3 times a week. =[

PD: Do you have any specific actors or actresses that have inspired you?

C: SHIRLEY TEMPLE! She is my absolute idol. I also LOVE Tom Hanks, and of course Zac Efron, and Claire Danes too!

PD: You've done a lot of voice overs in the past, what got you into that position?

C:A friend of mine, recommended me to the company, Pan in DBGT was my first role, and was the first show I had auditioned for too, I like to think it was totally meant to be =]

PD: You voiced the character "Cinnamon" in the video game, "MegaMan X: Command Mission." Generally, is it harder to voice a video game character such as Cinnamon?

C: Games are ALOT more difficult and tedious, because we get pages and pages of dialouge that are just tiny little reactions, like the umphs, and hits, and there are SO many, and you have to do 3 versions of each, and MAN, it is always a loooong session.

PD: When recording, do you sit along side your fellow voice actors?

C: We do it alone! With no one but an engineer and a video tape and usually the director over headset. =]

PD: Do you have a favorite of all the characters you've voiced?

C: I really loved Pan, and I really love Miu in "Strawberry Marshmellow", she was so fun and I think the most alike to me.
I also did a show awhile back, that seem to have gone MIA, it was called "Tomato Twins" and that show was AWESOME and sooo fun!

PD: Which do you prefer, acting or voice acting?

C: I love them both, they are very different, its hard to decide. I love the thrill of the live audience feeding you with all this amazing energy, and the lights and the applause, but hearing yourself on tv, is FREAKY, but exciting too!

PD: Finally, for those aspiring to become an actor or a voice over artist, any words of wisdom?

C: Dont stop trying, get an awesome, good quality demo made. Be persistent and show them how much you love doing what youre doing, be friendly and be confident, thats about all you ever really need!

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