Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small RnR3 Teaser Site Update

A very small update from the Ryuusei no Rockman 3's teaser site: a new wallpaper! Joy!

The wallpaper depicts several pieces of concept art meshed together, nothing too fancy. Kinda nice.

Maybe one of these days we'll actually get to see what the game looks like. Makes you wonder why Capcom is slowly but ever so surely revealing the game. Is RnR3 going to be that drastically different?


  1. Something about this art makes Ryusei's designs better... this is looking very promising; maybe it'll live up to the expectations I originally had...

  2. Let me add something to my last comment: The botton left inset picture is almost EXACTLY what I imagined the view would be if they made a RnR Wii game... mayhaps they are doing a 3d overworld as I hoped...


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