Friday, May 30, 2008

Wave Command Cards/Book Headed To US

Amazon is currently taking preorders for an english version of the "Ryuusei no Rockman 2 Wave Command Cards Perfect File" (pictured on the right) under the name "MegaMan Star Force 2 Wave Command Card Kit" by Prima Guides.

The book will retail for $14.99 and will coincide with Sf2's ship date.

It's really official now. Wave Command Cards are coming our way.

News Credit: Mui Mui's Place


  1. Hello bro,

    I've got my 3 versions of StarForce past year, however I only opened file on the Dragon Version and stopped playing after the train thing in echo ridge...

    I just haven't got the will to play it... I still don´t understand why an alien and a kid inherit the name of MegaMan???

    I would really like to know your thoughts about this series.

    Does it deserve a chance? I have to say that I was against the Battle Network series in the beginning but years after I started to like the concept, but I'm not so sure about StarForce...

    Take care and read you around.


  2. Compared to Battle Network, Star Force is "okay."

    It's pretty much a downgrade on everything established gameplay wise in the BN series, however the SF games are still enjoyable.

    SF2 is much better than SF1, if you can wait it out till June 24th, I suggest skip SF1 and begin at SF2. You won't miss out on much.

    As for the story of the series, I find it very unique, although it isn't as realistic as the stuff in the BN series.

  3. I just Pre-Ordered my copy of Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Saurian, and apparently the release date is actually June 17, 2008 according to my EB Games.

  4. It's very good to know that you agree with my opinion of BN and Star Force, Protodude. BN was my favorite, and I'm not saying that everyone has to like it, but I get tired of everyone dissing it. Star force is all right, but the design is wacky and something about the Navi's and the -man suffix just seems better... Heh, way back when MMBN2 came out, my friend said they'd have to make a megamanx.exe. I didn't believe him, guess I was wrong. One other thing, do we know when Captivate is? I thought it was yesterday, but no news has surfaced, so... I was looking forward to the prospect of Megaman Wii... :(

  5. @croutons:

    CAPTIVATE started Thursday and has recently just ended. The public won't know about any announcements until Tuesday morning.

    However, I had someone on the inside who has reported that there weren't any "major" MM announcements.

  6. I'm a fan of Mega Man in general, I've played tons of the games, and there hasn't been one I didn't like. It is true that Star Force is a bit of a downgrade to Battle Network, but it is still an enjoyable game. It may be much easier, but it's still great and I play against my friend all the time, I can't wait till Star Force 2 gets released so I can pick up some Wave Command Cards and play the game online with my online friends who enjoy the game.

  7. For some reason, I interpret the book as the entire set of Wave Commands. Which is pretty cheap in itself. And if it does have them all in, complete with overlays? HAX.


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