Saturday, May 17, 2008

Inexpensive Copy of R20 On Ebay. Hmm... *UPDATE*

Missed your chance at R20? Fret not, a VERY inexpensive copy of the book is currently available for purchase from Ebay for $24.99 ($18.00 shipping)

Great deal, right?

Interestingly, this copy of the book stands out from the rest. The logo on the dust cover has a metallic effect, followed by a new text layout on the actually cover of the book. Also, the page count is way off. This version contains 156 pages compared to the 336 page count of the "normal" edition of the book.

Is this a second edition of the book? Or a knockoff? If you're desperate for a copy, then by all means purchase this. Personally, I'd approach this item with caution and wait it out, but I'm not you!

UPDATE: It's come to my attention that the text of the book is Chinese, meaning the book is no doubt, a knock off. Save your money.


  1. Note the fact it's in Chinese. What do we know about Rockman goods in Chinese? Think hard about it...

  2. Auction just finished.
    Also, I doubt that covers of Chinese knockoffs would be shown in this book.

  3. Actually, yes those box arts are in the legit version as well. Why? No clue.


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