Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OLD RICH PEOPLE - The Last Days Of Dr. Wily

Guaranteed to make your day


  1. Loved it, great find! Although Wily is looking suspiciously young.... Wonder what he uses to get such silky smooth skin.

  2. Hello Protodude,

    I just have not enough words to express my grattitude towards you and your site.

    I just love it. Spent past 2 hours looking at all the posts.

    I'm 26 years old now and I don't have much time to get into newer games (altho of course I support the franchise buyin' whatever comes out), so one of my fav hobbies now is surfing the web looking for interesting or unknown facts, merchandise, rumors of our beloved Blue Bomber.

    My fav post was the pic of the new generation of Rockman fans... man, u made me remind my best years... dang... do I miss those days...

    Well anyway thanks for supporting MegaMan. Since you are and old school player too, I totally feel identified with your thoughts and points of view about our Series.

    Keep up the good work and wish you the best. I'd like to stick with you and your site all the way thru.

    Thanks again.

    PS. Tried to send you a private message on the Capcom board, but got an error message. Sorry for any mistypos, I'm trying to improve my english.


  3. @GigaMan

    Thanks a ton man. It's really great to know an old school fan like yourself is a reader. :)

  4. Do people who only remember MMX count as old-school fans? I've been a megaman fan as long as I knew what a SNES was... Then again, I think MMX came out around the time I was born... nevermind. :)

  5. It's good to know that there are still classic fans still kickin :3


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