Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"RMD 5 Island Adventure" Plot Details Surface

Japanese Rockman fansite DASH Daibouken has provided the interwebs with some nifty plot details from "Rockman DASH 5 Island Adventure", the first "true" DASH game in eight years.

The basic plot involves Rock and co. traveling to five "ancient" islands looking for rare treasure. However, the Bonne family wants in on the goods and will do whatever it takes to retrieve the treasure first. Along the way, Rock meets up with familair faces such as Denise and faces off against some memorable foes.

The story reaches it's climax when Rock and Roll learn of the origins of Refractor development. Upon searching the island known as Ulakoi, Rock and Roll discover hundred year old equipment built by the Ancients, that contains the ability to create Refractors out of volcanic magma.

Believing they have found the solution to the energy crisis, Roll quickly discovers that the equipment is far too complex, and thus she can only create small Refractors. Rock and Roll conclude that the Ancients were far more advanced than the current civilization.

A very interesting plot indeed, however there is plenty more where that came from. Check out DASH Daibouken for more!

Till this day, I still wonder why Capcom chose to not develop RMD5IA for the DS or PSP. Sure, cellphones are all the rage in Japan land, but what about us poor Americans? Where is our DASH love?

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  1. *sniff* No love for use fat stupid Americans... Well, on the bright side, perhaps we'll be getting a DASH entry on Wii eventually.


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