Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rockman Will Be Here Forever

It's no mystery that Rockman isn't the cash cow he use to be. The past three years have been a troubling time to be a fan. With each game selling worse than the last, the looming fear of Rockman fading into retirement draws closer.

Regardless of what the numbers say, Capcom isn't ready to put the Blue Bomber down just yet.

Out of fear of the franchise's well being, I contacted a few of the higher ups at Capcom to hear what they had to say about Rockman's future

The first head honcho, "Nique" assured me that the franchise will NEVER be canceled. In fact, not a single day goes by without Capcom discussing how to return the franchise to its "roots." They plan on keeping the franchise perpetually alive.

Reassuring, right? It gets better. I was then redirected to CoJ's Yuji Itou, head of strategy and marketing. Itou san was extremely happy to hear that an American was concerned about the franchise's well being, and stated that Capcom is currently in the process of developing new strategies to "revive" the franchise.

"Look forward to the franchise's revival!" -Y. Itou

So, rest assured. Rockman isn't going anywhere.


  1. RockMan forever! Yeah!

  2. Sounds good. At least we know they're trying to think of things

  3. I send you and the peope you interviewed a sincere hug! ^^ <3

  4. Hey Protodude.
    It's Dubindoh from Capcom BBS here.
    I'd like to know how did you get redirected to CoJ's strategy and marketing director... was it just through e-mail, a phone call, or what?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. @Yuri:

    The entire process was done by a chain e-mails.

    In the Ask Capcom forum, there is a pinned thread called "Tell Me Your Problems"

    In the first post, you'll find Nique's (VP of marketing)e-mail address. Simply e-mail him any inquiry and he usually responds.

    However, he was so intrigued by my question(s), he forwarded my e-mail to Y.Itou.

    The following day, I received a lovely letter from Itou.

  6. I know this might sound crazy, but your hearing it first from me. I do game testing in Cali and we got something TOP SECRET. It's Rockman 9. It's coming and it's going to be 8-bit like the original Famicom games. It's going to be a download game like the Wii's VC and PS3's channel. You heard it here first, and it ain't a rumor.

    - The Shadow

  7. what a relief.... I was getting truly worried about MM


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