Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rockman & Forte: Technically NOT Rockman 9

One of the most heated debates among RM/MM fans is the "R&F is RM9" hoopla. Although Capcom classifies RM&F as a side story, some people just won't give in. Tonight, I shall put an end to the argument.

Ripped straight from RM&F's Rom image, you can see that the game's file name is "ROCK 8.5" (Rockman 8.5)

There you have it, RM&F is not RM9. End of story.

Credit: Mechanical Maniacs


  1. WOOHOO! Finally enough of that crap.

  2. Very impressive. It never really fit to me that it was Rockman9

  3. FINALLY!! It is official!!!! Very interesting find. Says who ROM's are bad??

  4. now, we still have to wait for the real MM9

  5. It's definitely not a true MM9 but it's also the closest we'll ever get. Making an actual MM9 might mean Capcom having to do something other than re-use the MMZ or Starforce game engines and that's a straight up 'no-no' for Capcom these days.

  6. Yay, that's my screen shot. ^^;


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