Friday, May 9, 2008

Rumor Round Up: RnR3, ZX3, and More

Don't you miss the days when we had some actually official news? I know I do.

Instead, we've had to make due with a boatload of rumors, and today is no exception. For your reading pleasure is a collection of numerous rumors from various sources.

Rumors sent in by PRC reader, Rockman Magnus:

- There is a high potential for a new, previously unheard of Rockman game to be released sometime in Q3-Q4 of '09
- Ryusei no Rockman 3 will have a final boss unlike either of the previous two games' bosses
- The character "theme" will change again from unidentified mysterious animals and constellations to a new type of character pattern
- Ryusei no Rockman 3 will feature a mysterious and enigmatic "rival" for Subaru
- Ryusei no Rockman 3: Rockman will gain a powerful new ability that will use the touch screen
- There will be changes to the battle field that will involve new kinds of tiles for battle
- A new line of merchandise will follow the game, released by Takara, speculation is that they may be changing up the card trend again similar to the transition of the scanner cards to the command cards
- A new anime will accompany the game similar to Tribe
- Some of the old bosses from Ryusei 2 will not be returning for Ryusei 3
- We may be seeing the classic Megaman games for the Wii Virtual Console available for purchase someday soon
Megaman Starforce may be released to DVD sometime soon as well, there is a great deal of speculation regarding this

Rumors sent in by "Joe"

-English adaption of the Ryuusei no Rockman anime (MegaMan Star Force) will return with newly dubbed episodes on Toonami Jetstream June 25th. Just in time for MMSF2's US debute. It is unknown if these new episodes will consist of the remaining episodes of RnR or episodes from RnR Tribe

-Capcom will be releasing a bundle pack on the PS2 consisting of "MegaMan Anniversary Collection", "MegaMan X Collection" and some sort of "special DVD." Apparently, Game Crazy stores are listing this set in their computers for a release date in November 2008.

Rumors sent in by the infamous "Anonymous"

-Anon confirms the existence ZXE (ZX Extremus). Will be released after RnR3.
-ZXE will be a prequel/sequel to ZX. Players will take on the role of either a young Prometheus or Pandora.

-The beginning of the game will deal with the lives of P&P before they became Rockmen.
-An hour or so into the game, the story then shifts to the time gap between ZX and ZXA. P&P are tasked with finding potential Rockmen who can surpass the abilities displayed by ZX. These potential Rockmen are the bosses of the game.

-Anon claims to have seen the game in it's earliest form. Says it looks almost identical to ZX and ZXA, however the environments of the game are very "lively."

-Capcom is kicking around the idea of a unique game play mechanic called the 'Dynamic Weather System' (DWS). The weather throughout the world is always changing at a random pace. Weather will affect the layout of the stage (ala Zero 4) and the behavior of bosses and enemies and even the performance of P&P.

-"Dreams" will be the main theme of the game. P&P will be haunted by numerous dreams (and some nightmares) as the story progresses. Apparently, these are actually playable events.

-The final boss of the game is a "surprise."

-Unfortunately, it appears ZXE will not continue the story after the ZXA.

-A preview of the events in the game appear in the newly released ZX Gigamix soundtrack's drama tracks. Guess what? He's right.

-''Extremus" may not be the final name of the game.


  1. As usual, it all sounds too good to be true. That's the nature of these rumors. I can't wait for more RnR (especially another anime if there will be one), but I'm most curious about that new RockMan game. Is it a new title or a new series? As much as I love RockMan, what more can they come up with? Well, we'll know soon.

  2. Indeed... I know alot of people think the MMBN series was too far (My MOST favorite, by the way... or rather... Rockman.exe was my most favorite.) but I think, even as a major fan of all things rockman, they really are taking it too far this time. If they would just make a 3D EXE game (Or even ryusei! That'd be great too!) for the wii, I'd be happy. Meh, maybe if it's awesome I'll deny ever stating this. I'll go for something cool...

  3. So, this rumor comes from the CAPTIVATE or isnt started yet?

  4. @Anon 3: The ZXE rumors did not come from CAPTIVATE. (the event doesn't start until late May)

    The person who sent me this information refused to tell where he/she got it from.

  5. If you can or feel like answering Protodude, what date did this "anonymous" send you the rumor about the supposed third ZX game? Thanks if you do answer.

  6. The ZX3 info came on April 24th.

  7. The ZX3 rumor sounds so feasible. It follows most (if not all) of the rules being set by the series and sounds very appealing. It could be true.

  8. But when has Capcom ever done a prequel in any Mega Man game? I didn't figure they cared about story enough to go in any direction chronologically except forwards.

    Then again, Inticreates does do a lot different with Mega Man games...

  9. "But when has Capcom ever done a prequel in any Mega Man game? I didn't figure they cared about story enough to go in any direction chronologically except forwards."

    MM Extreme GBC series, anyone? That was a spin-off, though.

  10. Proof enough for you?

  11. That's an artwork from Gigamix soundtrack. :/

  12. as you can see... ryusei no rockman3... akatsuki and acid became as one and form new colonel... bly is similar to protoman and bass... ryusei n rockman 3 is only a style change form... im thinking of "liberation" because of new colonel(akatsuki)

    libra-fire and water
    ophiuca-grass and poison


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