Sunday, May 4, 2008

RnR3 Site Updates, With Sound!

Not much has come from the RnR3 teaser site, other than a wallpaper it's very, blah.

However, the site has received an update, sort of: Sound! Yes, each click leads you to various beeps and bloops. How cool is that?

According to PRC reader, "Freddy" a hidden wallpaper can be unlocked by clicking every square inch on the main page. Doing so will lead you to a hidden wallpaper described to portray Rockman striking a pose behind a large looming foe.

I'm too lazy to try this out, so give a holler if you find something nice.


  1. Meh...I think is a lie, I have like an hour and nothing happens.

  2. There are no surprises contained inside the flash file, having actually decompiled it myself to grab the fullsize teaser image upon the site's initial release.

  3. Where'd that cosplay come from? That's about the only rockman costume I've seen that hasn't made him look fat or weird. Too bad the EXE one was crappy.


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