Monday, August 1, 2022

Hitoshi Ariga Limited Card Sets (and Shirt) Available to Pre-Order

Last May, Udon Entertainment offered a limited edition Hitoshi Ariga Mega Man metal card with the purchase of $60 worth of Mega Man goods. In the months that followed, Ariga frequently streamed himself drawing other characters. 

No one really knew what those illustrations were going to be used for. But fast forward to a couple weeks ago, we got our answer. A set of four exclusive Mega Man X metal cards - illustrated by Ariga - went up for sale at Udon's San Diego Comic-Con booth. And starting today, that very set (and more) are now available from Udon's online store for a limited time.

Find all the details after the break!

The Udon summer sale is live from now until August 10. The limited edition metal card set "The Doctors & Their Allies" is available to pre-order for $60. It includes cards based on Dr. Wily, Proto Man, Roll & Rush and Dr. Light.

What's more? There's a brand-new classic series t-shirt by Ariga too! It's available for $25 If you purchase both the shirt and the card set, you'll get the Mega Man card which was previously available as an incentive item during Mega May 2021.

Next we have the Mega Man X "The Maverick Hunters" card set. It'll set you back $60. It features Zero, Alia, Axl and Mega Man X cards.

Additionally, if you spend $80 during the summer sale, you'll get one randomly selected bonus card. There are four types (pictured above). You might even get Vile or Sigma & Velguarder if you're lucky!

Ariga drew more cards including Zero and Ciel from the Mega Man Zero series. This may not be the last time we talk about these metallic collectibles! Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Yea... no. I am not paying $120 for some metal trading cards and a random lottery. Screw that.
    I might get the T-Shirt, if I can get past the distaste of the whole thing.

    1. The cards are nice in-hand, but it is frustrating to receive a random card you don't want, and they are a little overpriced.
      The Rockman shirt with the holographic printing is excellent in-person.

      There's a weird thing I noticed about these cards: every single card has a small dent on the top edge near the upper-right corner, and another small dent (usually accompanied by some scratches) on the bottom edge by the lower left corner; probably has something to do with the manufacturing process.

  2. Yes, I love Ariga's art but those are certainly prices to squeeze the craziest fans. I also dislike products that have marketing catchphrases like "limited edition", "collector's edition", etc... on the product itself (don't care if it's on the packaging) on principle, I feel it sucks the artistic merit out and may as well have "You fell for our ploy, sucker" written on it.

    1. Especially sad since the original Rockman Ariga card was advertised as "limited edition," but here it is again: reprinted.
      I don't enjoy having to pay a scalper to get the whole set when I get a random card I don't like; just let me pick; let the SF fans get their SF characters, and the Rockman fans get the cards they want.


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