Monday, August 29, 2022

Sigma Goes Gangsta in Rockman X DiVE This Week

The Rockman X DiVE development team threw a curve ball with an event few could have predicted. This week, the chief of the DiVE Academy joins the Deep Log... Gangsta Boy Sigma.

Find all the details after the break!

Gangsta Boy Sigma's first active skill is Duel Invitation. Sigma sends an invitation letter to the target to deal damage and inflict slow status. When he gets close to the enemy, he gains a damage boost.

His second active skill is Lethal Combo. Sigma punches and lunges forward to deal damage to targets along the path, releasing a shockwave afterwards. He can gain a shield when using this skill too.

One of the passive skills will cause immobile status after Lethal Combo hits the target, granting enhancement status that reduces damage. Other passive skills will allow him to gain enhanced CRI.

This bad boy will join the game this next Wednesday to wreak havoc during the Campus Festival. He's a limited character too, FYI.

The event and Sigma's design is based on the Banchō trope. By the looks of it, his character intro animation could be an homage to Jotaro of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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  1. Now THAT's one hell of a cool design.

  2. See, this is what I'm talking about! Getting creative and making fun alts just because. I'm surprised to really like this Sigma version, and as I prefer getting characters bc I think it would be fun to play 'em rather than how good they are at PvP, I might even actively try to get him.

    But, does this mean we will see yankee(as in, JP delinquent trope) versions of the MC trio? Zero and Axl would fit like a glove, what with Zero's blond hair and Axl's spiky do+face scar, but I'd like to see what would they do with X so he can fit that aesthetic.

    But now I want the girls as sukeban so bad....!

  3. Or get creative and make more Megaman games vs endless Dive. Over time, I just follow this less and less since it is the same stuff. I would not be at all surprised if in 2026, it is still just dive this, dive that, and absolutely nothing new for Megaman in the 'new games' department. Yawn. I will get into it more if/when there is a new game announced that is confirmed and part of the actual timeline and a sequel and plays like a sequel should, which MM11 did a good job at. Taisen doesn't count since that is not confirmed and I highly doubt it is connected to what we know of as the Megaman timeline, and I can safely say it isn't coming this year. Shrap gets it.

    1. Well there certainly is a lack of enthusiasm, site wide, if you haven't noticed. Even these posts don't have the same level of interest or investment they used to. I'll take that as a good portent at least.
      I for one, right now, seriously am not enthused about anything besides three model kits. Just a general state of apathy.
      I'll buy the BN collection, but I am not invested in it in any way. I mainly just wanna see what the trophy list will be.


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