Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Eratoeir Joins Rockman X DiVE's "Campus Festival" Next Week

Following a maintenance period earlier today, Rockman X DiVE players were greeted with an even sign-in reward screen which featured an unannounced alternate costume for Eratoeir. 

Eratoeir also makes an appearance in the "Attack of the Thugs" event main screen. She'll also appear in the "Fighting is Justice" card alongside Gangsta Boy Sigma. It can be obtained by playing the event stage.

Pending an official announcement from Capcom Taiwan, there really isn't much else to say here. Keep your eyes peeled to their social media accounts next Monday for the reveal trailer. In the meantime, you can see Eratoeir's full art after the jump below!


  1. Rockman X DiVE... Into the browser history of the devs.

  2. ....when I said I would love to see the girls as sukeban, this isn't what I meant. I.....I personally do not like this, but let's see things in perspective,at least:

    +Eratoeir and her siblings have very nice color schemes, and this version isn't the exception.
    +I like the personalized seifuku, very nice that they gave her one!
    +The weapon choice of scissors fits very well and is new, even more so that they didn't go the easy way and gave her a giant pair of scissors. Bonus points for the nail polish, very stylish and eye-catching.

    -the color scheme is nice, as mentioned in the pros, but the red for the stockings and skirt is a mind boggling choice, honestly. Why didn't they use a hot pink, like the one for the upper elements of the design, and it's also present in the color scheme for both Eratoeir and Droitclair default designs? Red doesn't look too out of place at first glance, but since I noticed it, it bothers me, I cannot unsee it. Alternatively, they could have changed Eratoeir hair color to a deep red with blue highlights instead of her default light pink, so it could have a sense of harmony+be more in line with the sukeban aesthetic, as it's common for delinquents to dye their hair.

    -while the bandages and chains both look good as accents by themselves, why did they give her both? It feels as of they tried to put too much at the same time, it doesn't feel cohesive. Personally, I would have removed the chains and just add more bandages, as it goes with her sukeban "top made of bandages+open shirt" and her scissors, as she is cutting the bandages.

    -those proportions look downright awful. I might not be the targey demographic for fanservice in general, but as someone who is really into design in general and character design in particular,
    I appreciate it as long as it's well done.What the hell is up with that chest/waist ratio?!? While her OG design does push the limits with her proportions, this time, it's to the point it actually looks horrendous instead of fanservice-y. Compare it with Layer, Marino and Ferham, who also have big chests and a relatively slim build, but at least, their proportions aren't so ridiculous to the point of being cartoonish, like this one, which looks as if she were Jessica Rabbit. It's like they gave her Droitclair's upper body and then drew a pair of circles in the chest section, bc it's not only the size, they aren't drawn to well, either. There's also the fact that they have designed a fair amount of fanservice alts before, like, of course, the swimsuit versions, and even then, I liked the Layer and Ferham versions of those, as I found the bikinis they gave them were 1) very fashionable, and 2) used color schemes that really suited the characters and accentuated their looks. But this one? Ugly af.

  3. This is getting too tiresome waiting for actual Mega Man characters, most of this year's additions have been OCs, non canon variants or variants of OCs.

    Just look at how many canon characters we actually got this year so far-

    Fourth Armor X
    Lab Coat Tron
    Gaea Armor X
    Nana (over a bunch of Command Mission characters that ACTUALLY fight like Spider, Shadow, Scarface)
    Dr. Light (who is the only canon Dive Fest character)
    Bass Cross Megaman.exe
    ZX Advent Aile (you get people hyped for a ZXA event and all we get is another Aile? You could have had Ashe or Grey as the second week S rank or make them A ranks you get memories as event rewards)

    And I guess if you wanna stretch it SD Zero because of his cameo in Pocket Fighter's background.

    Non canon characters/variants are fine in moderation but it's barely looking like a Mega Man game anymore with constant additions like this.

    You still have plenty of characters across all the 7 series to work so it's not like they're low on fan favorites. Where's Spider? Fefnir? Phantom? Elpizo? Craft? Vent? Ashe? Grey? Double? Duo? Prometheus? Serpent? Albert? Agile? Colonel.exe? Acid Ace? Dr. Doppler? ect.

    Plus they made Magma Dragoon playable so that should have opened the floodgates for Robot Masters and Mavericks as playables.

    1. I'm sad berkana isn't on your list. but yeah, robot masters would be great. elec man would be find as a skin for elec beam mega man

    2. it wouldn't even be so bad if the OC characters at least looked like they belonged to MMX, but they went out of their way to make the new 3 characters look like they don't belong.

    3. I second this. While I love that they are trying to mix things up and go bonkers with the designs of alts (like the recent banchō Sigma), I want to see more of the canon characters, which of, as you pointed out, exist a wide variety.

      Personally, OC DiVE characters aren't a problem for me, hell, it doesn't even bother me that they purposefully made them to *not* look like they are part of the franchise, as long as it's only those OC's. My problem is that it seems they rather make new characters than being old ones, there would be no issue if they released canon characters+OCs evenly (as in, more canon characters released per OC, in account that there's way more of those to put in the game).

      And the Magma Dragoon thing grinds my gears, 'cuz I wanna play as so many Robot Masters...! Give me Gemini Man, gdi.


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