Sunday, August 7, 2022

Jada Toys Talks Support Characters, Stage Enemies for New Mega Man Toyline

Here's a tiny update on Jada Toys' recently announced Mega Man toyline from the folks at Fwoosh. At the tail end of SDCC, Jada Toys talked about the potential for toys based on supporting characters - Dr. Light, Roll and so on - and in-stage enemies...

Are Mega Man supporting character like Dr. Light, Roll, Dr. Wily, Rush and Proto Man on the table for the line?

Jada: Supporting characters are on the table, but I feel like we need to get at least 6 Robot Masters out there first before getting into the supporting characters.

Are smaller in-stage enemies possibilities as accessories/pack-ins for the main figures? This would be things like Mets, Bubble Bats, Hard Hat Macs, Pengs, etc.

Jada: Smaller enemies are on the table too, still trying to figure out how best to incorporate them. Maybe with future iterations of Mega Man utilizing a lot of base parts, we add smaller enemies as an added value. Maybe we do 1-off deluxe releases either as retail/convention exclusives that don't affect the normal waves. Or maybe accessory/army builder packs - similar to how the NECA Mousers are released, etc. There's a lot of ways, just trying to figure out what would work best for us - but they are definitely in the plans!

It may go without saying, but Jada Toys are definitely enthusiastic about this line. There's a lot they want to do with it. We'll have to see how things play out. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!


  1. they should have asked about oil and time man. they need to be in more stuff

  2. Correction: Fwoosh, not "Swoosh."

  3. Waiting for pre-orders to open.


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