Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rockman DASH 2 4-Koma Manga Getting English Fan-Translation

On the heels of the complete Rockman DASH English manhwah translation, RockmanCosmo and co. have announced their next scanlation project: the Rockman DASH 2 4-Koma manga.

This book was published in Japan 22-years ago and consists of goofy, four panel gag strips that spoofs the events of Rockman DASH 2. Various doujinshi artists contributed to the 120-page tome, which hasn't been scanned (or translated) in its entirety before. The project team includes _akiTONE_ (translator) and 0xmortis (scanning, cropping).

No word yet on an anticipated completion date. In the meantime, keep an eye on RockmanCosmo's feed for previews. Like this one

Good luck, gang!

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