Friday, September 3, 2021

"Enker" Shows His Face in Rockman-san Chapter 8

Previously on Rockman-san, Bomb Man was hired to set a bomb in a mine. However, out of habit, he threw multiple bombs, injuring several miners in the process. He was fired. Then, he tried to become a professional bowler. That didn't work out either: he accidentally tossed a bomb instead of a bowling ball.

If all that wasn't unfortunate enough, he challenged the national dodgeball team but ended up injuring everyone with, what else, bombs. Bomb Man theorized, perhaps, he could find peace by going "dynamite fishing". Rockman warned him that's a forbidden practice worldwide. In the end Bombe Man settles on working under a highly skilled master craftsmen, destroying his flawed products.

With Bomb Man at pace, the good doctor has another "patient" in chapter 8: Enker of Rockman World fame! Plus, there's special cameos from Rockman 10's Nitro Man and Blade Man.

You can read the full (untranslated) chapter here!


  1. I disliked the arts, sorry. I prefer Japanese version and truest. It is just fan made and they looks almost too human being.

    1. But.. this is an officially-licensed manga literally illustrated by a Japanese artist.

    man the gameboy games are awesome

  3. My mind cant decide if he looks like a character from Otokojuku, Cestvs, or Fist of The North Star

  4. my mind cant decide if he looks like an Otokojuku, Fist of the North Star, or Cestvs character. He's all of them at once.

  5. That's uh...not quite what I was expecting.


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