Thursday, September 16, 2021

"Sacred God Wood Man" Stars in Rockman-san Chapter 9

In the previous Rockman-san chapter, we witnessed the arrival of Enker -- the only robot to oppose robot disarmament. In a world of peace, Enker simply couldn't move on with his life. Born as a "Rockman Killer", he continues to seek out and fight Rockman because that's his only reason to live.

Eventually, Rockman and Roll offered to help Enker find a new purpose. But after three hours of brainstorming, they couldn't come up with anything worthwhile. Enker decides to resume his fight with Rockman... that's where that story arc ended. For now, maybe. 

The latest Rockman-san chapter focuses entirely on Wood Man. In the years following Dr. Wily's retirement, Wood Man became a replacement for a temple's sacred tree. However, he's worried about how to properly fulfill the duties of a god without the omniscience of an actual god.

You can check the new chapter here!

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