Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Officially-Licensed Plush Servbot (with Curry!) and More Announced

What's this? Fresh Mega Man Legends merchandise in 2021? Indeed! 

FanGamer have unveiled a tiny slate of new, officially-licensed Mega Man goods. The batch includes an adorable Servbot plush that comes with a curry accessory, a Wily Machine hoodie, and two "sliding" pins based on a classic series Met and Wily's UFO ship.

There's not much else to say than that. Head over to Fangamer and grab yours!


  1. Now that we have a plush Servbot... can we also ask them to make Iris?

    1. Please explain the Iris fetish to me, because I just don't get it.

    2. X4 was a lot of people's first X game, as the first 32-bit entry, and is memetically famous for Zero's reaction to her truly horrific demise. Her design and color scheme would honestly transfer well to plush form, in which the X series has been under-represented.

  2. No junkies for me. Just Megaman games as my real collectors. Loved the technology and arts that I am after. Not junkies like dolls, jackets and etc. Doesn't mean anything to me.

  3. Yes please. All the love for Legends right now.

  4. Yes, please. All the love for Legends now.


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