Friday, September 3, 2021

Rush is (Probably) Coming to Monster Hunter Rise Soon

Oh, we had a feeling something like this was coming. I mean, the first time I saw a Palamute I kinda figured that, eventually, there would be a Rush skin. That time may be upon us soon -- very soon!


A reputable source from the Monster Hunter community has shared details on a forthcoming Mega Man collaboration, which reportedly features a Rush Palamute skin. 

First up, here's a short (but very compelling) clip showing Rush in action. Jump to 2:58 if the embedded version fails to load:


According to a source from Korea, the skin coincides with an event called "The Blue Bomber's Best Friend." Players will have the chance to partake in Arena Quest Event to hunt a High Rank Zinogre. Item modifiers are limited, which will present a bit of a challenge for seasoned Hunters. The quest will drop on September 24th, the final Friday of the month.

Although Capcom have yet to confirm the collaboration, portions of the aforementioned quest have already been datamined from the game itself. In other words, this is pretty much a done deal.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for more footage and details. 

Stay tuned!

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